Must Be My Rezday!

Last week Serene Footman of the Furillen sim wrote on his blog and to his groupmembers:

Through SaveMe Oh’s behaviour in group chat, and when visiting the sim a number of times yesterday, it has become clear that SaveMe Oh’s presence at the sim undermines this project.

In ejecting and banning SaveMe Oh from Furillen, I have the full support of the regular visitors and artists.

It was an act of collaboration – addressed to SaveMe Oh’s behaviour, not her art.


But at once the ban was lifted.


As he didn’t said a word I finally did it myself:

SaveMe Oh: Happy rezday SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Thank you Serene.

Serene Footman: It’s your rezday?

SaveMe Oh: Duh!

Serene Footman: I wouldn’t even know my own rezday, but if you celebrate such things, happy rezday. Cool outfit.

SaveMe Oh: Thank you, you are so kind.

Serene Footman: I’m about to log off – was there anything you wanted to discuss?

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t dare.

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