100 Dollar For A Dead Bird

As I already said before in this blog the charity events in Secondlife suck. Nude or almost nude virtual Barbie’s dance all night on the music of wannabe DJ’s while they are imagining that they are in the momentum of the virtual USA FOR AFRICA or WE ARE THE WORLD event. The objective off all these dancers and pseudo-artists is not to contribute to a charity but to share their pics the next day on Facebook. Ok, maybe they are generous and send 10 linden dollars to a tip jar to buy off their guild for sitting with their ass all day on a chair behind a screen instead of going from door to door to collect serious money.

But now my sister Bryn also decide to add to charity by auction one of her dead birds for ALS awareness I decide to set aside my concerns because she is family.

Only she has no clue on how to sell a dead bird, only a lousy 25000 Linden dollar is offered yet, a shitty 100 USD. That’s why I decide to upgrade her dead stuff to give it a higher value.

Go to make a bigger offer here if you desperately want one of her dead birds (better don’t look at the ridiculous police officers they have put there to protect the dead birds):


Or better bid on one of these upgraded pics by the famous SaveMe Oh. I will send you the framed copy and the money to my dear sister Bryn.

Object 1


Object 2


Object 3


Object 4


Send your offer in the comments of this post.

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