Don’t Deny You Are The Squirrel Girl

SaveMe Oh: How lucky we are to meet eachother in a free space. Don’t you two have to be in LEA to help Betty protect the grounds?


SaveMe Oh, Venus Adored and Mandel Solano without ban zones

Mandel Solano: Save, I do not understand why a girl who say she works with squirrels can try to intimidate people in SL, for me it’s seems very odd

SaveMe Oh: Which squirrels?

Mandel Solano: You claim you work with in RL. It’s in your profile

SaveMe Oh: Are you calling me a lunatic?

Mandel Solano: Should I?

SaveMe Oh: Who, Me? I don’t have a RL

Mandel Solano: Oh you are just pretending a real life then

Venus Adored:

SaveMe Oh: I only watch my own movies

SaveMe Oh:

SaveMe Oh: Or the one others make about me

SaveMe Oh:

Venus Adored: Doreen Green

SaveMe Oh: And?

Mandel Solano: I agree with you Save, you are a lunatic

SaveMe Oh: Maybe you 2 should consider working for the secret service. If you get so exited when you could blackmail people. May I remind you that you 2 are the idiots who ban people. I can’t remember I ever banned you. I even don’t own land. You are the fanatic hunters.

Mandel Solano: You feel oppressed Save?

SaveMe Oh: No, because I couldn’t care less for your poor atempts, but its sad. It’s sad you dont hesitate.

Mandel Solano: But you are not only in conflict with 2 people in SL

SaveMe Oh: Whats wrong with conflicts, are you a hippie? Did I kill you? You are the one abusing power, not me.

Mandel Solano: I dislike bullies as you are

SaveMe Oh: You know the simple SL tool, you can mute and derender me, but you won’t because you don’t want to miss anything out of jealousy. You want to be the boss, rule the show, create a group of insiders.

Mandel Solano: Hehe you are talking about yourself?

SaveMe Oh: Who licks LEA’s ass best? How did you crawl inside Solo Mornington’s ass this time? By swearing the oath to keep SaveMe far away? Lick Betty’s watercolors for breakfast? You are the one who should be ashamed of yourself.

Mandel Solano: You envy Betty Tureaud?

SaveMe Oh: No. I consider her as the worsed wannebe artist of secondlife. Why should I envy somebody, I am the most famous artist of secondlife!

Earlier squirrel accusations:

One thought on “Don’t Deny You Are The Squirrel Girl

  1. Well you are clearly insane. And not in a good way. Also given the fact you are allow to grief even when banned means you have some kind of in with the Lindens. I would have deleted your account(s) a long long time ago. You serve no value.
    Seems people are much happier when you’re not causing issues. How sad is it that you are so at a loss for creativity you are compelled to follow us to INSPIRE SPACE Park to grief them. And what is the value of covering up everything at their region? Nothing you did was complimentary or in theme. You might as well gone anywhere else.

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