Avi Choice Update

You are the proud winner of this years Avi Choice Award.


Why the jury and the people choose you?

Your nostalgic secondlife that uses memorabilia to conjure rich tales with autobiographical overtones to amplify characters without overdramatizing them engagingly crosses the line into farce. Taking a straightforward documentary approach you highlight aspects of the everyday that would escape notice if you had not focused our attention on them, from the body language of patrons to the atmospheric views.

Using Secondlife as the basis of your work, your images transform into strangely impersonal renderings of avatars, landscapes and events. Your technique of outlining every form and modulating every highlight and shadow yields a mosaic effect that homogenizes the subjects and their surroundings.

Emotion is a strong component of your mixed-media homages but it never falls into sentimentality.

The web of visceral shapes is simultaneously captivating and repellent, as if the internal organs of an alien creature had been dissected for scientific investigation.

The garish colors of modern synthetic materials are emphasized to gigantic proportions. You rub our noses in the tawdry brilliance of kitsch.

You mix the strong colors of synthetic pigments with the earthy tones of natural ones, blurring the boundaries between them with milky veils. Scraped layers of liquid pixels cause further blending of the two realms.

Snippets of visual information gleaned from the mass media as a kind of code, with intense dots and dashes, bars and blips signaling information too removed from its sources for us to decipher. The slow process seems to progress from pleasure to irritation to pain, and watching it induces a trancelike fascination, a complex environment that recalls a real world. It offers a pointed critique of wasteful consumerism.

Your work is gnawing activity, playing off the natural and the synthetic, the creative and the destructive, against each other.

Congratulations with your award.

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