Don’t Play The Victim, You Silly Person

SaveMe Oh: Any idea why I am behind banlines?

Jana Kyomoon: No – about to start my last show.

SaveMe Oh: So your last chance to let me help you to make it something special I would say.


SaveMe Oh: Do you own this place? Then please unban me.

Dubhna Rhiadra: The show is on my plot and I won’t have you anywhere, you know that.

SaveMe Oh: You want to have me or not?

Dubhna Rhiadra: No.

SaveMe Oh: Should I know you?

Dubhna Rhiadra: Yes- I banned you from my old place too.

SaveMe Oh: So you deny me the right to be at the last show of Jana Kyomoon?

Dubhna Rhiadra: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: On what grounds?

Dubhna Rhiadra: Becuase of your behaviour when I have let you in – do you think you can do that stuff and still be treated as not a griefer? Don’t play the victim you silly person. I saw a very good machinima you did – why dont’ you do things like that and EARN the right to be seen as an artist?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t have to earn anything, I am an artist.


SaveMe Oh: Luckely you leave SL because they wont allow me to see and hear you anyway

Jana Kyomoon: Yes leaving today.

SaveMe Oh: Farewell.

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