The Arousing State Of Denial


Igor Ballyhoo: I just spoke to Rebeca, she told me that u seen her few days ago and called her Igor again.

SaveMe Oh: You will know better than me.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you really think we are one person?

SaveMe Oh: It doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what I decide. And I have decided you two are the same. Dont ask me for proof. I don’t have it.

Igor Ballyhoo: I understand that but I see one problem that is very low. That is denying someones existence.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe it triggers someones existence

Igor Ballyhoo: I think basic right of every person is to be acknowledged as entity

SaveMe Oh: You acknowledge her, so she can already be happy. Or is she longing very much for my recognition?

Igor Ballyhoo: It is not about being happy, we all live in hope we will leave some kind of trace of our existence.

SaveMe Oh: Or should I say your recognition?

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t think she gives a fuck.

SaveMe Oh: Than whats your problem when you don’t give a fuck. Sorry, she…

Igor Ballyhoo: But it really seams to me as something beyond wrong.

SaveMe Oh: Igor, when you need an alt in SL, it’s prefectly fine with me. I myself am acused of having hundreds. Now you hear me screaming?

Igor Ballyhoo: I have alt but Rebeca is a person. Beside I would never make a female alt, is not in my nature.

SaveMe Oh: When Rebeca loves to have a Igor Ballyhoo avi or vice versa is fine with me and of course you would never have a female alt, thats why I love you, that strong muscles, your masculin head, I just love it. Shall we date or do you have to play Rebeca tonight?

Igor Ballyhoo: Why did I had any thought that you could understand or care? I admit, I am stupid.

SaveMe Oh: Hey, dont know why you let Rebeca use you as your mailman, when you two are the same it would be more easy she would contact me. So yes you are right and are stupid. But your body is gorgeous.

I recommend a good guide for Rebeca Bashly's work

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