Don’t Sit On The Surreal Teapot

After all these years in virtual worlds it still can happen that you get an invitation for a Surreal Gallery and at arrival it turns out to be an old-fashioned avatar parking where the audience is requested to shut up and glue itself to a chair. And not Rietveld chairs or the one from Philip Starck, but the ones in which your grandparents once died. When Art Blue is one of the organisers you already should know enough, you are just there to kiss his blue feet.

Tansee: All familiar wonderful artist faces

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Welcome SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: My pleasure

SaveMe Oh: Nice chair, sits very well.

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Smiles, our guest speaker will sit there!

SaveMe Oh: OMG am I in the wrong chair? You should put a sign here.

Tansee: SaveMe you can sit by me.

SaveMe Oh: Let me move.

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: You sit on the hot tea now. It’s burning your bum. But please feel free to choose any seat in the audience.

SaveMe Oh: Is it a problem, when it should be surreal, to sit on a hot teapot?

Tansee: SaveMe, we need to get aquainted.

SaveMe Oh: Or is it surreal nowadays to sit in an audience glued to a chair as if we are imitating real life?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Yes why not.

SaveMe Oh: Well I prefer a teapot if you dont mind.

Art Blue: Hello SaveMe Oh, please take a seat at the visitor area.

SaveMe Oh: Now what it is? Teapot ok or not?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Not! Please

Tansee: Nice entrance SaveMe we all know you are here 🙂

SaveMe Oh: So no surrealism by the audience?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Not at the moment.

Art Blue: The chairs you well know for visitors

SaveMe Oh: Do you mind if I use my own chair, I have a virtual seating problem?

Art Blue: we have ennough to do SaveMe Oh and cant care for you with a special treatment, you may take the bubble tea by yourself and take a seat

Surreal Dreaming: Please there are 4 chairs up here. Please SaveMe, if you would remove that object from the scene

SaveMe Oh: Is it too surreal?

Stem van Helsinki: Ill give you an Oscar for the entrance!

SaveMe Oh: Ty, I already have one.

Art Blue: SaveMe Oh, you know from last time, this will not work to mess the event up. Take off your stuff and take a seat.

SaveMe Oh: This is my surreal dream, it’s the name of this sim

Art Blue: Not now SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Ah, today its unsurreal?

Art Blue: Juliette Surreal Dreaming, eject her, she begs for this, so she shall get

SaveMe Oh: But chairs on stage with a text are ok?

Juliette Surreal Dreaming: Yes Art

SurrealDreaming Resident ejected you from this land. 

After this ban I decided to help out Venus Adored with her particle farting in the next door sim.



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