Sim Owners With Altzheimer’s Disease


Arik Metzger: SaveMe, are you there?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am not

Arik Metzger: Ah, fine. thank you for your time

SaveMe Oh: Oh look, yes I am

Arik Metzger: Heheh… have not chatted with you in a very long time 😉

SaveMe Oh: Should I know you?

Arik Metzger: Do you recall any reason for being banned from Innsmouth?

SaveMe Oh: Was I ever there?

Arik Metzger: I remember you from something tied with Innsmouth, or my Lovecraft Festivals

SaveMe Oh: Ok, Lovecraft rings a bell, but a very soft sound.

Arik Metzger: I am talking with DD and trying to figure out why you would be banned, as I do remember you, but can’t fathom any reasons for any banning

SaveMe Oh: Is the sim owned by an idiot?

Arik Metzger: Only if I am the idiot

SaveMe Oh: Then think well.

Arik Metzger: I bought Innsmouth 19 months ago, and even before I owned Innsmouth I can’t fathom why the sim’s creator – Darmy Darkes – would have banned you.  She was not prone to banning anyone for ridicuolous things

Arik Metzger: I’m not putting any “think well” efforts to this.  I am just trying to do a favor

SaveMe Oh: The ways of idiots are inscrutable. To put it short, nobody should ever ban somebody, and when you ever did, better your life!

Arik Metzger: Unbanned. Thank you for your time

SaveMe Oh: Now you might go to virtual heaven.

Arik Metzger: Not looking for praise, just trying to be equitable, and giving deference to DD and those she thinks highly of.

SaveMe Oh: You do well to do exactly what she says.

4 thoughts on “Sim Owners With Altzheimer’s Disease

  1. Well, I unbanned this person from Innsmouth at a friend’s request, and because I couldn’t recall why she had been banned. As the above “shared without permission” IM states, I did so even after a very unpalatable approach to sort her and let her know I was lifting the ban.

    Lack of consideration or attempt to be civil, now reinforced with this SL T.O.S. breached, Ban re-instated. Enjoy, and do carry on and slander at will… not giving permission, just realizing it’s likely to occur either way.

    • WHENNNNNNn will people figure out that posting Second Life IMs outside of Second Life DOES NOT violate Second Life Terms of Service? Linden Lab does not have any say over what is posted to a blog.

  2. This sim owner is just awful. He verbally attacked me in a sexist manner, and when I tried to call him on it, he said I was insolent and it was my fault he was rude to me! I was just exploring the mfing sim. It really isn’t worth visiting when you’re treated that way :/

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