Sorry, The Tip Jar Is Hidden


SaveMe Oh: Avatars with a manager, how ridiculous

Cat Boucher: SaveMe pls dont be boring and stop that

SaveMe Oh: Does she also iron your pants? Iron mesh pants is not that easy.

Paris Obscur: Please give me a couple of minutes, sorry for being late

SaveMe Oh: No, you had to iron your pants yourself?

Cat Boucher: It wasnt me lol

DD: Great visuals

SaveMe Oh: Give me some minutes to cover this dump up good.

DD: Be kind SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Why should I be kind with so much polution?

DD: SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Only tip me when you can spent more than 1000 linden, pocketmoney I already get from Glasz.

Sweetpea Shilova: Sorry the tipjar of Paris Obscur is hide now, please tip him directly

Cat Boucher: SaveMe, you are hiding his tip jar. We cant see the tip jar but the visuals are amazing still.

Glasz DeCuir: Dont tip saveme (she’s a shopalcoholic) only tip Paris!

SaveMe Oh: Whats this, a concert or a sales event?

Cat Boucher: The tent is too small for SaveMe’s performance I know.

Sweetpea Shilova: Please we need to see all the stage and the stars for the song.

Cat Boucher: SaveMe can you pls move your visuals

Sweetpea Shilova: SAVEME PLEASE

Cat Boucher: Ok we cannot more than ask

Zeddash Stygian: Save Me, the great SL attention whore. She likes to make everything about herself, always. She loves and thrives on this kind of attention.

SaveMe Oh: Tell the people they can derender me (or the sales booth)


Cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land


Reinhold Apfelbaum: The video show was very cool. Why you go away?

SaveMe Oh: They banned me

Reinhold Apfelbaum: What a shit

SaveMe Oh: So you can buy his CD

Reinhold Apfelbaum: Was very nice in connection with the live singer

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but the simowners and artist prefer to see their own shit. Next time another chance.

Reinhold Apfelbaum::(


SaveMe Oh: Mission accomplished

DD: Lol yes but the result is we cant enjoy your great visuals. Ireally liked that

SaveMe Oh: But you have a fine clear view on all the stars of his songs. Dont forget to buy some.

DD: Now its boring here the music is good but the visuals are missing.

SaveMe Oh: Tell Cat, I try to save her but she is stuborn as one of her horses.

DD: Oh you know me, I never take party….mmmh i did one time

SaveMe Oh: You a great to win the war with.

DD: Dubhna told me she never book me because you are a friend of me.

SaveMe Oh: Great, that gives us some rest

DD: Lol, it gives me the thinking that there are people who dont know that art is totally freedom.

SaveMe Oh: They prefer to roleplay audience.

4 thoughts on “Sorry, The Tip Jar Is Hidden

  1. DD, you probably won’t see this but you are right, art is total freedom. And that means that people are free to use their own vision, present their own art without SaveMe destroying what they present. I know by know that this is a pointless discussion and I will not argue it with you as that automatically puts you in a position of defending SaveMe. But think of Paris and SweetPea and the work they have put into Paris’ shows. Were they asked if they wanted anyone to participate in Paris’ event? I don’t think so.
    It’s as insane as an artist entering a gallery and taking down all the art that is hanging there and replacing it with his own. Because his work is the only important work, the only free work and his friends tell him so! How silly is that?

    • Now imagine SaveMe Oh walks inside a shithole, and without being asked or begging for money she transform the shithole in a beautiful spot. What a generous gift she is giving to the world.

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