Hobbit With Long Ears Steampunked With Beamsprouts


Bryn Oh: Singularity of Kumiko is now open.

SaveMe Oh:  And the new Harry Potter movie is not even ready.

Pepa Cometa: Saveme oh, come on… you know that is great what Bryn made. Don’t make war and make much love!

SaveMe Oh:  Come on? Believe me, I don’t think it’s great at all. I have never succeed to watch her stuff until the end. I think she should stick to painting. I hate Harry Potter and Tolkien too, maybe that explains it?

Bryn Oh: Far be it from me to tell you how to mock people SaveMe but seems you should not compare what I do to two extremely successful creations in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Also my stories are about technology not magic (and I realize you have not seen them so your comparisons were a guess) so if you want to mock them then I would suggest Star Trek as it is considered pretty nerdy so maybe use that. Star Wars too but that’s kind of popular right now so might be confusing. Philip Dick, Doctor Who? Lets try it. “Bryn Ohs work sucks ass like Dr Who and Star Trek!” See that works because my stories are about technology and those shows are Sci Fi and also considered a bit nerdy to some. Anyway, you are the pro keyboard warrior and this is just a suggestion.

SaveMe Oh:  Now don’t try to trick me, I have never seen a rabbit in Star Trek. If I missed one they better beam me up now. If they do so, I will tell them Star Wars is indeed the Lord of the Rings for nerds and bore me just as much. Why don’t you start with something personal, for example the story of our family, the Oh family? And you don’t have to use all those silly metaphors, tell the true story.

Bryn Oh: Trying to remember the Rabbits in Harry Potter and LOTR. So perhaps you are mistaking rabbits for owls for Harry Potter and for LOTR those odd little things roaming around are called Hobbits not Rabbits.

SaveMe Oh:  How would I know? As I don’t watch your shit, it might comfort you I also don’t watch Harry Potter and LOTR.

Bryn Oh: I think I blocked out our Oh family history as all I can remember is a our large Daddy eating chips and watching endless episodes of Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden and Baantjer.

SaveMe Oh:  Daddy Oh would like to let you know he is a bigger fan of The Young and the Restless. Oh, and he send you his sincere condolences with Ron Ford. He hopes this doesn’t interfear with your projects. (I do, but better don’t tell Daddy Oh).

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