SaveMe Oh Fulfills Your Wishes (Even When You Think You Don’t Want It)

Cat Boucher: SaveMe please don’t perform when Option Y are playing, they dont want that.

SaveMe Oh: Not true, some weeks ago thay asked me to  work together.

Cat Boucher: Yes but after they played at Vincents Barry doesnt want it anymore

SaveMe Oh: They even asked for my friendship, as I didnt know them at all

Cat Boucher: I am sorry SaveMe, the same is with Paris Obscur

SaveMe Oh: Paris is another thing. With him I never spoke.

Cat Boucher: Yes but for me the fact is that you shall not perform.

SaveMe Oh: That is not for you to decide, that’s my own decision. I am a free person, not your clown.

Cat Boucher: I am the host here SaveMe and the musicians are the regular act so I have to fullfil their wishes and you know that.

SaveMe Oh: Tell everybody how they can derender me, you know that very well too, so stop your silly arguments

Cat Boucher: I am not arguuing Saveme I try to explain

Silas Scarborough: Must be visuals by Saveme – looking exceptional with the jams

SaveMe Oh: Please tell Cat as she is nagging me in IM

Silas Scarborough: Damn, she never nags me (sob)

SaveMe Oh: I wish she did so I could work in peace


Alazarin Mobius: This light show is crazy !

Silas Scarborough: Wildness all around!

Silas Scarborough: SaveMe drives the lights

Cat Boucher: Yes Saveme is very cool. Her art I mean

SaveMe Oh: Where is my kleenex? I become quite emotional now.

Silas Scarborough: Oh god, so do I (sob)

SaveMe Oh: It’s that I already cried so many rivers otherwise I would start one now

Silas Scarborough: Oh yes, the torment!

Cat Boucher: First she wants to burn the tent and now she wants to cry it away lol

Silas Scarborough: tragic it is!

SaveMe Oh: Whatever natural disaster it takes

Cat Boucher: SaveMes visuals are the cream on the ice

SaveMe Oh: I thought you already had derender me Cat, you sneaky German.

One thought on “SaveMe Oh Fulfills Your Wishes (Even When You Think You Don’t Want It)

  1. The knee-jerk “stop that crap, saveme” initial reaction to your performances…particularly by the self-declared venue vanguards of progressive virtual music environments….always profoundly saddens and disturbs me. Your visuals complement any and all music performances…and the fact that anyone needs convincing of this, says absolutely nothing positive about their own artistic sensibilities.

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