Instructions For Idiots

Do you also receive frequently bullshit comments like this?

Roxy Gellar:

Ya, where was SaveMe Oh so she can destroy all the ambiance and design elements of a well crafted venue? While insulting the venue owner who granted his or her permission for her to grief the stage and obliterate the people who attend.

It was SO much better without you there.

 I’m grateful that I was able to help prevent SaveMe from ruining the experience of people gathered for DD’s presentation at Innsmouth. There were griefers during Echo Starship, I know for a fact one of them is a ardent SaveMe supporter though I didn’t say anything.

DD, I will prevent SaveMe from similar events if I can, though I feel this was an isolated opportunity. I expect for venue owners to have to play out the drama SaveMe enjoys at each performance in the process of banning SaveMe during the event. A process that is more than a little Sadistic to play a part in don’t you think?


Cat Boucher:

 I am the host here SaveMe and the musicians are the regular act so I have to fulfil their wishes and you know that.

Are you also so fed up with wannabe event and venue organisers or pseudo artists who want to dictate what you should see or not, what you should hear or not, what you are allowed to say or not; then here some simple instructions to be completely free to see what you want to see, hear or see in your own screen.

  1. You hate SaveMe Oh and her never ending performances. Derender or mute her and you won’t see a glimpse of her anymore. But don’t complain after you missed the most important artist of virtual worlds from this century.Snapshot_377
  2. You hate the music that is played but adore SaveMe Oh, switch of media and play at home your own music or, for the diehard fans, use SaveMe Oh’s Vimeo Video Stream as background music.Snapshot_391
  3. You hate SaveMe Oh AND the musicians she teams up with, search shelter in the LEA dictator ship were Solo Mornington, Betty Tureaud, Mandel Solano and Eupalinos Ugajin will hire the best snipers, water boarders, Guantanamo Bay guards and IS beheaders to prepare you a elite snob paradise were Donald Trump only can dream of.Snapshot_431
  4. You love SaveMe Oh’s performance but hate the ugly tents, Dracula castles or Hippie Woodstock paradises she has to do her job in. Derender the buildings or mute the owners with their ugly shit.Snapshot_432
  5. You love SaveMe Oh, but are fed up she alone get all the attention. Glue also some prims and stuff together and interact with her, or as a musician, keep your eyes on the screen too and interact with what you see and search for shared magic.Snapshot_409
  6. You hate that everything you say appears on the blog of SaveMe Oh. Shut up and SaveMe Oh has nothing to publish or be extremely nice to her. As SaveMe Oh only loves good drama she will almost never publish story’s about love, cats, dogs or tomato juice.lazy_001

Or to make a long story short: Feel free to do whatever you like.


5 thoughts on “Instructions For Idiots

  1. Ya thing is that just more delusional thinking. The only place you’re likely to be is unclaimed in a municiple morgue.

    Yesterday the music was wonderful and yet marred by the presence of SL’s most facilitated and tolerated troll/griefer. It’s treatment of venue managers is all but openly celebrated by it’s followers. How it is able to maintain it’s account is a mystery to me. It breaks the TOU with what amounts to immunity and has no consideration what so ever.

    This isn’t a “character” or an artistic statement. It is clear indication of mental illnesses and personality disorders.

    The repetitive nature of what it calls art or performance is unoriginal and boring visually after the first encounters. Oddly even the few momentarily interesting images it vomits seems to get lost in the shuffle as if it has no idea at all as to what it is try to do aesthetically. This might be forgiven as SL is all about marginally talented people being given the limelight. But not when we look at the abuse it dishes out time and again and the drama it revels in as the primary theme in it’s blog.

    Sadly few photos exist of the performance that do not contain the effects of a childish and damaged griefer. In my retirement from venue management I’ve become more selective of what I will devote my energy to in world. Posting notices of, and providing coverage during presentations of produced audio tracks while SaveMe is a part of the picture is not something I will be a part of actively; I will park my avatar and go about my business largely afk.

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