How Long Would You Like Me To Help You Lick Him?

Brea Brianna_001

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Brea Brianna: Sure, what you got in mind ?

SaveMe Oh: What are you into?

Brea Brianna: I like a lot of different things.

SaveMe Oh: I have a kind of horse fetisj, does that mix with your offerings?

Brea Brianna: Maybe you can explain ?

SaveMe Oh: I once saw an act in SL with a huge horse having sex with an avatar, but I dont know how to arrange that. Do you see any possibilties?

Brea Brianna: You wish to watch me have sex with a horse?

SaveMe Oh: Is that possible?

Brea Brianna: Or are you playing a horse

SaveMe Oh: I would like to watch and bring a friend who roleplays a wonderful horse.

Brea Brianna: What are you willing to pay me to do this

SaveMe Oh: What are your prizes? For let’s say 2 hours?

Brea Brianna: 9k for 2hours with 2 people. Im 3500 per hour and 1k for additional parters

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I will talk with my friend and be back in this, ty for the moment



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my.. what type of hot adventure?

SaveMe Oh: Eastern has already passed, but my sister Bryn and I have a little rabbit fetisj and we are searching for a trio. Are you into something like that, kind of roleplaying?

Mahogany Soulstar: Not mechanical rabbits are they?  🙂 I’ve barely managed to escape the one in Bryn’s Immersive sims

SaveMe Oh: No, we would like to dress up kind of playboy bunnies kinda style while you are hunting us down.

Mahogany Soulstar: Oh my,, that could be fun

SaveMe Oh: And lock us up.

Mahogany Soulstar: Tries to think if she has any hunter type gear..

SaveMe Oh: And punish us in a kinky way, you know what I mean….

Mahogany Soulstar: mmmm.. I do. I’m definitely interested, but I dont have much time right now. 😦 maybe 30 minutes.

SaveMe Oh: Would you mind if I ask Robert69 Little to film it?

Mahogany Soulstar: I wouldn’t mind.  I’ve never been filmed before, though.

SaveMe Oh: I have to arrange things, what you ask an hour?

Mahogany Soulstar: Its 5000L an hour. I may not have time today, but if you arrange it for tomorrow, I would love to play.

SaveMe Oh: Let me get back on this to you.



SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Paris Lichlore: Always enjoy a hot adventure. Whats the hot adventure youd like to take?

SaveMe Oh: I have an old friend who loves to have his ass licked, but he now wants it with more people than only me. He says he is bigger than just for one woman, could you join me to lick him?

Paris Lichlore: And how long would you like me to help you lick him?

SaveMe Oh: He always loves to be licked very long, and as he is already of a certain age it will not be finished in 10 minutes. What you charge an hour?

Paris Lichlore: For voice or for text?

SaveMe Oh: He always want it in text because his wife shouldnt hear.

Paris Lichlore: Understand that … text for 30min is 4000L 1hour text is 8000L

SaveMe Oh: And he wants to be sure you are fresh meat. You didn’t had before an encounter with my friend Solo Mornington? Just to be sure?

Paris Lichlore: I dont know anyone by the name of Solo Mornington

SaveMe Oh: Great, he always want new blood. Will be back to you for an appointment


alegria.vandornan (2)

SaveMe Oh: Hi, Samual Wetherby, recommended me you. Are you maybe interested in a hot adventure?

Hello, you’ve reached my IM. I require a donation into my tip jar for this conversation to continue in IM.

Alegria Vandornan: Smiles, “What sort of service are you looking for?”

SaveMe Oh: Hi, my friend Roxy have some serious mental issues and now it was my idea to make her relax a little with giving her a good time in a trio, as she has some lesbian fantasies.

Alegria Vandornan: I see, so you’re wanting me to be hired for both you and your friend at the same time?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, she has that secret fantasy to be with me in a gothic tower.

Alegria Vandornan: Are you wanting text or voice, and how long of a session?

SaveMe Oh: And maybe you could play the evil witch who catches us and make us pay for being on land we are not allowed. We would like in voice for let’s say one or two hours. Is that an option?

Alegria Vandornan: It depends, when are you looking to book? I am not available for voice on the weekend, plus for you to hire me for the situation you’re talking about, you will both be charged my fee plus a fee of 2k to make it a threesome.

SaveMe Oh: What is your fee?

Alegria Vandornan: Voice is 14k per hour, which would be for each of you, plus the threesome fee.

SaveMe Oh: And would it be possible when my friend Robert69 Little make a movie from this hot encounter?

Alegria Vandornan: No, not unless an additional fee was negotiated. My fees do not include me being filmed or recorded.

SaveMe Oh: What you want for that, money is no problem

Alegria Vandornan: Are you sure? You’re already looking at 32k for a threesome hour on voice.

SaveMe Oh: 320000, right? shall we say 500000? Or do I have a zero too much, Im hopeless with numbers.

Alegria Vandornan: You have a zero too much.

SaveMe Oh: Lol haha, 50000 then?

Alegria Vandornan: That would work, but as I said, I’m not available for voice on the weekends. I can only offer text.

SaveMe Oh: Ok, I contact you soon.

20 thoughts on “How Long Would You Like Me To Help You Lick Him?

  1. @ SaveMe Oh You represented yourself as a friend to a close associate of mine . It’s not in my practice as a respectable escort to be impolite to people that claim to be sent by friends. You got every ounce of polite i could give you for your sick request, I have never, nor will i ever entertain that type of interaction in SL or RL. You misrepresented yourself and copie Private conversations all for a desperate attempt at attention on your blog. I sincerely hope you get help because your antics are far from amusing.

    • Brea, I hope you reported her violation of the ToS to Linden Labs, I hope all of the victims of her cheap grab for attention do and the Labs remove her from SL. I think her whole blog is a pretty desperate bid for attention and hope she gets the help she needs, but more importantly, stops victimizing innocent people so she can grab attention.

      • This is laughable. Respectable Escort? Is that what you tell yourself when you have sex with that virtual horse? Most “respectable” sex workers would politely say “I’m sorry, I don’t do those things” at the time, not when their negotiation is put up on a blog, not play along to see how much money they can get LOL (BTW Larry you idiot – posting chat outside of SL is NOT a violation of Second Life TOS, since that ONLY applies to Second Life).

  2. I’m curious, just what is the point of all of this? You led on these women to quote prices for services you had no intention of ever paying for, wasting their time. And in posting all of this, which I hope you got their permission to do otherwise you are in serious violation of the TOS for Second Life.
    But, all that aside, this seems utterly meaningless. At the very least, if you had taken the time to actually hire them for what you got quoted, and then reported on how good their services were, this entry might be worth something. As it is, it just makes you look stupid.

  3. This is just to much…..(weeps)…..I can’t believe I’ll have an opportunity to film some guy getting his ass licked. Will Samual Wetherby give me an award too?!

    • Would Samual Wetherby be so kind as to put me on one of those Thing-a-Majigs so people will know when I’m online and available to film?! Thanks in advance Samual!!!

      • I am sure he will do anything you want when you pay him a share like all his slut girls do. Does he have any boy “reputable escorts”? You might be good in that category too.

  4. I see you are very selective on what replies you allow to be shown, clearly preferring the mindless drones and drama queens to reasoned discussions, especially if they hit too close to home?

    • Reasoned discussions generally involve knowing WTF you are talking about, not making false and inaccurate statements.

  5. Virtual World Prostitution Policy: Payments to be made before Service, no refunds. Crashes happen, if you do they will wait for 10 minutes, of course that will not count towards your time. If they crash please extend me the same courtesy. They reserve the right to refuse any client or services. If you want something specific please clarify with them before booking. Thank you!

    • Can I nominate this comment for an award Samual?! : “How Long Would You Like Me To Help You Lick Him?” …..nothing can top that… nothing!!! 🙂

  6. I see, intentional filtering of what messages are left. Though I now suspect that the trolls (rp) is no doubt you just trying to fan the flames.

    It’s interesting how many of those messages get approved, but others I have posted have not appeared.

    Personally, I hope SL does as they should, and bans you and all your alts from SL.

    • As you are for the first time commenting on my blog I have to agree on your comment, after that is should work automatic. No need to see all kind of new conspiracy theories.

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