The Secret Escort Agent

Brea Brianna: You are reported for confidential im abuse

SaveMe Oh: SL has nothing to do with my outside publications

Brea Brianna: Aactually it falls within the DMCA  and you will have your account banned. I guess you didnt know exactly who i am  before trying to mock people  you should do some research into  the people you are trying to abuse

SaveMe Oh: OMG, you are the secret escort agent.

Brea Brianna: I’ll send you the report confirmation just so your comfy in knowing that im serious

SaveMe Oh: Perfect, and send one to Guantanamo Bay too, just in case they send me there.

Brea Brianna: Not only that but you falsified claims that you spoke to Samual Wetherby and thats the only reason Ii cooperated with your sick requests  ill show you the im i sent my friend afterwards in local at the club . Have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: Ah, sorry, didnt know you were his doggy.

Brea Brianna: Your a pretty sad human being to try to mess with peoples lives like that you know. You must be a very lonely and despirately demented soul.

SaveMe Oh: One roleplays a hooker, other people love drama….

Brea Brianna: No you love being garbage and your good at it.

SaveMe Oh: Does your DMCA allows you to call me garbage? And do they also have to pay for your services or is that on the house? Let’s have a nice cup of tea soon.


SaveMe Oh: Here a SL dog made by me, a collectors item.

Samual Wetherby: Thank you.

SaveMe Oh: It has no tracking device or GPS chip, dont worry.

Samual Wetherby: You wouldn’t do that to me would you? Pretty boring really.

SaveMe Oh: Never, but people accuse me of everything.

Samual Wetherby: I know. I talk it all with a grain of salt.

SaveMe Oh: So when will we have our party here?

Samual Wetherby: Going to ignore Robert and his rants. I am very over it all.

SaveMe Oh: This square would be a good spot.

Samual Wetherby: Get Robert to calm down and can throw your party.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know Robert

Samual Wetherby: But like you said, Traffic Light

SaveMe Oh: I know him as much as you

Samual Wetherby: True

SaveMe Oh: Half secondlife makes movies about me. I can’t keep record of all those people behind the camera. And the movies that are worth watching are made by myself anyway.

Samual Wetherby: I couldn’t do it. I would probably insult you with even an attempt.

SaveMe Oh: Insults are like fuel.

Samual Wetherby: Ha. you do seem to like controversy

SaveMe Oh: I told you I love drama. I always tell everybody, but they don’t believe me. So did your hookers survived my last blogpost a little bit?

Samual Wetherby: Just advertisers. But yes. Few were surprised. Told them they are famous now.

SaveMe Oh: Did you warn the others in time?

Samual Wetherby: Not getting involved.

SaveMe Oh: How much you earn with their adds?

Samual Wetherby: Ads for either website are 1000 a month. Pretty cheap compared to other sites and magazines in SL. But I don’t compare. Just do my own thing. Like your website, if people enjoy it great.

SaveMe Oh: And does Abranimations pay you too to sell their stuff here?

Samual Wetherby: Affiliate

SaveMe Oh: What that means?

Samual Wetherby: Like other businesses, some offer their products to others to sell for them for a commision. I don’t mean to be rude, but I need to run.

SaveMe Oh: And how much commision you get when I buy one animation?

Samual Wetherby: Need to reset the sim and do some work

SaveMe Oh: Hey, is this one of your hookers? Oops

Samual Wetherby: No SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: She looked like one.

Samual Wetherby: I’ve got to run. I but really can’t continue dragging all this Robert stuff out or any more topics. So this will be our last conversation as I think it is just fueling it more and more.

SaveMe Oh: Fuelling what? People are interested how a pimp works. Its a dream of many. Do nothing and get rich.

Samual Wetherby: Should check out some of the other places in SL, just an advertiser. Need to run. Really I’m a boring guy.

SaveMe Oh: You should set up some kind of red light district here. Its indeed boring.

Samual Wetherby: No. lol

SaveMe Oh: Put those girls behind windows

Samual Wetherby: I don’t RP or any of that.

SaveMe Oh: You do, you roleplay a pimp who sells girls. Yesterday I spoke to 4 of your hookers.

Samual Wetherby: Wish you well. but have to run.

SaveMe Oh: Dont run, you might fall.


After the talk I went 3000 meters up to the Brothels Workspace.


SaveMe Oh: Hi.

Electra Spearsong: hi – sorry you can’t be up here – offlimits.

SaveMe Oh: Samual told me to have a look up here.

Electra Spearsong: No he didn’t. You have to go or I”ll have to boot you.

SaveMe Oh: He said that you could tell me more about building brothels.


Electra Spearsong ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Now I am banned and ejected, is that how you treat people?

Samual Wetherby: Like I said I do not wish to drag this out and this would be our last conversation. Wish you no ill will, but I do not wish to continue being fuel for topics.

SaveMe Oh: In your profile it say:  Don’t be afraid to say hello, my dog don’t bite. And now you bite by allowing one off your employees to ban me?: And now how I contact your hookers when I can’t access their advertisments?

Brea Brianna_001

Try out Brea Brianna yourself? Here is her 2016 Pricelist:

Age/Voice Verified Very Classy Escort, skilled in the various arts of pleasure. And always looking my best for you for any occasion . I have a collection of over 480 very high quality outfits and lingerie and will present myself to you as previously agreed upon in whatever attire you require. I pay strict attention to the realism and likeness of my avatar and will only use the best available products for my appearance.

My Talents and services are truly second to none and they range from Lapdances to private and themed sessions.

The services can be enjoyed in a private setting or in a public one, per request.

Girl-Girl and Multiple partners are always welcome.

Special requests such as multiple girls or Events can be arranged as well, with prior notice.

Just IM Brea Brianna to make an appointment

All rates are fixed.

♥Prices for services♥

LapDance: Topless: 250 for 15 minutes.
Nude: 500 for 15 minutes.

Oral Sex: 1200 for 15 minutes.

Straight sex. (Oral and Vaginal): 3500 for one hour
2000 for 30 minutes.
♥Extras for each hour♥

Anal: 1200
Multiple Partners: 1000 per Partner.

Public dating for formal occasions can be arranged at an agreed hourly rate which depends upon situation, requirements etc.

2 girls(Can be arranged with prior notice): 4000

No Scat
No Child AV play / Age Play.
Age Verification may be requested, upon contact.

In case that i crash I will return asap and the session will be resumed. In case of you crashing,. I will allow you 10 to 15 minutes to return online and contact me to resume session or arrange for a continuance .

20 thoughts on “The Secret Escort Agent

  1. Samual Wetherby, the virtual man who pimps both virtual women and virtual music venues, maintaining a facade that he is above the fray, while behind the scenes launching campaigns to his fiefdom of whores about the dangers of people who reveal his slickness. All the while claiming he has 160,000 people monthly visitors to his website, while industry used metric companies report 7800 monthly users. SecondLife: the place where fraudulent mathematics and the ethics of a shyster can thrive like yeast infections.

  2. It never dawned on me that there were so many ways to get money out of people…..: orchestrating worthless award ceremonies and licking someone’s avatar asshole has got to be about as good as it gets.

  3. So it’s against DMCA rules for someone to share the discussion of avatars licking a avatar asshole, avatar sex with a avatar horse, avatar playboy bunnies with a avatar witch?! shezzzzzz
    Beam me up Scotty… these earthlings are fucking crazy.

  4. Filing a DMCA for copying chat outside of SL? BAHAHAHAHAHA I think the hooker needs to retain (or tie up or whatever) an attorney so she can be taught how these things actually work. Not to mention – I thought part of being a virtual whore is chatting up customers so how can SaveMe be in trouble for that when SL rules don’t apply to blogs anyway?

  5. RP or Robert or whatever you go by here… You spend a lot of time worrying about what other people do and don’t do. Now that you have written a long letter of bullshit to LL whining about Samual and things that AREN’T YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, are you going to write letters to the IRS or your senator, or maybe another one to President Obama? Do you report all the “donations” you get for your videos? Last time I checked, Linden $ only become taxable when and if they are cashed out.

    • For somebody pointing fingers…. you don’t have much room to talk…who the fuck pulled your chain and why do you hide behind a fictitious name?! Are you also one of Samual’s whores?!… it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. And just for the record… all donations I receive go right back into the Second Life music community… I have also given my donations to other great causes like Relay For Life and Feed A Smile.

      • Not pointing any fingers, just stating the obvious. You are a fucking troll and you never stop! If you spent as much time taking care of your own shit as you do trolling people on the internet, you might have a functional life and not be pawning your shit to pay the rent on your SRO, or waiting for a handout at the Salvation Army. I don’t give a flying fuck what you do with your money. I am sure it makes you feel righteous to take “donations” for your “preservation of history” so you can brag about donating it to charity. As to why I choose not to reveal my identity? Your posts where you think you are doing a great community service (for a community that seems to have at most 4 people) by revealing personal information that you find on the internet is a good enough reason for me. If you had any respect for people, I would have no problem with you knowing who I am.

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