Betty, Save Me!

Betty Tureaud: Waiting to make chaos?

SaveMe Oh: Are you flying with me out of solidarity?


Betty Tureaud: No,lol.

SaveMe Oh: I thought you finally choose to support the oppressed people.

Betty Tureaud: Just curious why you are hanging here.

SaveMe Oh: Now this, Betty, is where a banned person hangs around. Always excluded, always behind banlines.

Betty Tureaud: Yes it must feel bad.

SaveMe Oh: Yes it does, it’s an awful feeling. How does it feel for you to exclude people?

Betty Tureaud: Not nice to be a pariah.

SaveMe Oh: Syrian people know all about it. Never welcome, while the snobs are celebrating their parties.

Betty Tureaud: The cristian or the muslim

SaveMe Oh: All who are expelled or banned

Betty Tureaud: Yes not nice to be a leper

SaveMe Oh: It’s horrible. Can you help me?

Betty Tureaud: But some have chosen to play this game

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know the people who has chosen this, I didn’t.

Betty Tureaud: Your are a self-selected drama queen.

SaveMe Oh: Is being a drama queen a crime?

Betty Tureaud: It’s your art project as I know

SaveMe Oh: Is drama a crime?

Betty Tureaud: No it’s an art form.

SaveMe Oh: Then why it’s not allowed?

Betty Tureaud: Because it’s not convenient

SaveMe Oh: Why everything has to be convenient? Is that your definition of art? Convenience?

Betty Tureaud: its depends, I give fuck in art. I just make what I want

SaveMe Oh: That we all know and can see in everything you do. But why are you supporting banning and excluding?

Betty Tureaud: You are just an old narrow minded.

SaveMe Oh: In what way Betty?

Betty Tureaud: No, I am not a racist.

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t call you one.

Betty Tureaud: Your biggest fan is here. Iono Allen.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, he wants to be close to me, just like you.

Betty Tureaud: He he, I think you want to be close to me.

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one I can be close to here, as I am banned. The moment you fly away I am all alone again.

Betty Tureaud: You just want to have some to mock

SaveMe Oh: No, I would love to join Morlita in her performance.

Betty Tureaud: Yes she is good

SaveMe Oh: But you and your friends prevent me from doing

Betty Tureaud: It’s because you fill the SIM with your non invited art

SaveMe Oh: Morli would love it, and nobody has to see me, you can defender or mute me

Betty Tureaud: No I like some of your art

SaveMe Oh: Then you choose what you want to see or not

Betty Tureaud: Yes and you become a lot better

SaveMe Oh: Everybody has the tools. But you and your friends prefer to kill me.

Betty Tureaud: As I say you fill the SIM with not invited art

SaveMe Oh: Then you defender all. Problem solved. Everybody knows that, but nobody does, because they like to see. Its jealousy of people that I get attention

Betty Tureaud: Yes easy medicine

SaveMe Oh: They can’t stand I draw all attention. That makes them furious and then they try to kill me. And you are one of these people. Why you do that to me? What have I done to you?

Betty Tureaud: The way you want attention can sometimes feel sick

Betty Tureaud: even you make some nice art

SaveMe Oh: When something makes you sick sometimes is that a reason to kill me?

Betty Tureaud: I don’t kill you

SaveMe Oh: Yes you do. You killed me on your Danish Visions land ages ago, you kill me on LEA. I never killed you, banned you or eject you.

Betty Tureaud: I just prevent you to fill the SIM. Your work make convergens

SaveMe Oh: And why should you be the police?

Betty Tureaud: I am not

SaveMe Oh: Did you work at Guantanamo Bay and got qualified there? Why you don’t advise all your visitors to derender me?

Betty Tureaud: Ok I go see you again bye bye don’t despair

SaveMe Oh: You have a Kleenex for me?


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