Standing Virtual Woman

Second life virtual artist SaveMe Oh performing in a contribution to A SPACE TO CALL MY OWN, curated by Sarah Younan for the CerModern,  Ankara,Turkey, 14-24.04.16.


SaveMe Oh will be reading the ZAMAN newspaper at the Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara and other worldwide virtual environments while you are invited to join her and do anything you like, but please don’t disturb her as she is reading the newspaper.


In times when the public expression of political and subversive positions is fraught with danger, the home and other private spaces often become the arena where opinions are voiced. Today, digital media, online and virtual spaces provide new platforms of expression. Digital and domestic environments can also become places of refuge, where people enter alternative realities, unburdened by the constraints of everyday life.


At the same time, digital media opens up new ways to monitor and regulate public expression and digital surveillance threatens the privacy and shelter of the home. Is the safety of domestic spaces under threat? Do digital environments offer spaces of expression and protest that relate to the real world in meaningful ways? Or are they realms of resignation and retreat into domestic comfort and digital daydreams?


This show will explore domestic and digital spaces, and investigate how they serve both as sites of subversive thoughts and actions, and as realms of withdrawal and disengagement.


2 thoughts on “Standing Virtual Woman

  1. I can’t think of anything more meaningless or without value than the absolute garbage SaveMe throws together and calls “art.” The only thing worse is her twisted worldview and sad mental illnesses. In the past she almost seemed to be doing something with a coherent vision. Now SaveMe isn’t even trying anymore.

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