When Doves Cry

Chloe Seljan: We are proud to invite you to an amazing artistic and musical performance this April 21. The artist Save Me Oh will fill the space with her artworks, full of colors, movements, lights. Her performance will be accompanied by two amazing dj: Morlita Quan and DeceptionsDigital so… Don’t miss this amazing artistic moment!


Roxy Gellar: Crap is too kind a word

Paris Cloyd: SaveMeVideoCard Oh

Roxy Gellar: Derender that shit

SaveMe Oh: My beloved Roxy

Roxy Gellar: Prince is dead yet SaveMe is alive. No Justice

Apmelina Slingshot: Is Roxy here?

SaveMe Oh: She is stalking me

Paris Cloyd: Where is Foxy Roxy? Dont see her.

Petitefleur: Prince has gone when the doves cry.. :(((

Roxy Gellar: I am cloaked in protest

Paris Cloyd: Save protests sometimes too, except she is not cloaked when she does it.

SaveMe Oh: Smoked in proces?

Roxy Gellar: SaveMe please die. The world would be a better place

Chloe Seljan shouts: No, i need SaveMe to be saved!!!!

Paris Cloyd: When you die in SL you just get sent home then she can just tp back lol

Apmelina Slingshot: Sometimes?..SaveMe is an ongoing protest against..well good taste?

Roxy Gellar: Chloe, as much as an adict needs an overdose

SaveMe Oh: Roxy smile!

Roxy Gellar: So sorry I suggested DD give her a chance

Chloe Seljan: some adictions are useful 🙂

Roxy Gellar: The worse mistake Ive ever made in SL

Paris Cloyd: Loving to hate Save is part of SL

Roxy Gellar: Ears very pleased, derendering makes my eyes very happy

Apmelina Slingshot: Then you haven’t nibbled her Paris

Paris Cloyd: dry humped, yes, nibbled, no XD

SaveMe Oh: He tried

Roxy Gellar: You just made me throw up a little

SaveMe Oh: But nibbled at the wrong spot

Paris Cloyd: lol

SaveMe Oh: Do you derender everything manual Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

Paris Cloyd: Save is more like a virus that just spreads. does not die

Roxy Gellar: A girl can dream. Paris

Chloe Seljan: Wow amazing!

Feenix Lexenstar: Surreal if you pan out ……..

SaveMe Oh: Please dont tell Eupalinos

ArrowAndBow: Hello saveme! Thank you for the teleport

SaveMe Oh: Better dont say I TP you because Roxy may come to hunt you down.

Apmelina Slingshot: To be TPed by SaveMe is the kiss of death

ArrowAndBow: Its such an honour, I only said it to show off

Paris Cloyd: If SaveMe tps me anywhere, I hope its an adult sim XD

Roxy Gellar: Talk about a sick Pedophile relationship Arrow and Whirli Placebo

ArrowAndBow: oh hello roxy

SaveMe Oh: Roxy is a bit confussed tonight

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe

ArrowAndBow: Omg i love it. Drama

Roxy Gellar: You gonna blow Whirli here now or on Skype?

SaveMe Oh: Whirly, you just missed Roxy’s compliments

ArrowAndBow: Im laughing

Whirli Placebo: Yay..the pedophile says hi to the borderline personality disorder also known as Roxy.


Chloe Seljan shouts: After the amazing Morlita Quan, DD will walk with SaveMe to help us to be saved!


SaveMe Oh: Good music, good visuals and the best drama,where are we?

Whirli Placebo: in heaven 🙂

Roxy Gellar: Morli was brilliant in spite of SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Roxy, you write all your text yourself?

Roxy Gellar: Derender makes it perfect. Die SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: As a writer I advise you not to use the word DIE too much

Roxy Gellar: Please stop breathing

SaveMe Oh: Thats a nice variation

Systi Cisse: amazing work !!

Paris Cloyd: Like the ending to an epic movie Morli

Apmelina Slingshot: wow

Whirli Placebo: fantastic visuals. Encore!

Ahnue Heartlight: applauds!

Roxy Gellar: Encore says the moron who arrived with ten minutes left

Paris Cloyd: Time to get lost in DD land

Apmelina Slingshot: I feel a bit sorry for Yadleen that is playing in Amsterdam now when everyone is here 🙂

Paris Cloyd: Me too Apmel, cant really miss this

Roxy Gellar: Derender and now blocking that old fool so I don’t have to listen to him now either.

SaveMe Oh: Omg PIRATS in the house

Mathieu Bravin: Pirats never dead save me :p

Chloe Seljan: loool

Apmelina Slingshot: Pirates?!! do i need my gun?

SaveMe Oh: Omg it speaks, where is my lawyer? Before they sue me again

Paris Cloyd: SueMe Oh

Apmelina Slingshot: Haha SueMe Oh was  a new one.. an old girlfriend used to call her SpareMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: You dont have old girlfriends, new ones neither

Paris Cloyd: Oooo smackdown!!! Grabs popcorn to watch the SL Drama cinema

Whirli Placebo: Welcome…..I hope you know all these wonderful people….and um also Roxy.

Roxy Gellar: Whirli you sad old pedophile

ArrowAndBow: But u do know that im an adult Roxy?

Roxy Gellar: Mentally, not so much. Still robbing the cradle

SaveMe Oh: When you prefer Bambi, let me know Arrow

Roxy Gellar: Bambi? Clearly Arrow like Sponge Bob OLD pants

Apmelina Slingshot: Wow DD ..this is new..and so is SaveMe’s show  just now

ArrowAndBow: How would you know Roxy, You dont know me so go find new insults please

Roxy Gellar: Not too swift on the uptake is she?

ArrowAndBow: I never done anything to you. Im not fighting the mentally ill so have fun in your dream world.

Roxy Gellar: I don’t imagine you do fight the old pedo too often.

Deceptions digital: I made it for people to enjoy but when i read that chat it makes me sad so please stop that talking.

Littleone Aries: Should I take some drugs and say  “far out, you’re a genius, SaveMe?

Whirli Placebo: yes!

SaveMe Oh: pssst, dont say that, some might find it offensive

Littleone Aries: Yes, I know.

Apmelina Slingshot: SaveMe is a genius steeling textures

SaveMe Oh: What should I do else with all my Linden? Buy a virtual kitchen?

Apmelina Slingshot: Give them to me..I need another dildo

SaveMe Oh: Use roxy!

Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe. Awesome tunes, DD! Can’t wait until you play a venue again. Off to watch Concert Window. Hate to leave. But I gotta

SaveMe Oh: Sy soon dear and keep up the good spirit

Paris Cloyd: Gonna lay down and get lost in DD land which is priceless. for everything else theres master card. and Save will handle the bill.

Apmelina Slingshot: Let SaveMe pay for everything

SaveMe Oh: I already do

Apmelina Slingshot: I never got paid for my nibbling your..whatever..

SaveMe Oh: You know what Roxy’s institution costs?

Roxy Gellar: It makes me sad, the circle jerk of fawning scene-sters who worship at the feet of Saveme. I thought better of you. But as I have mentioned the nail in that coffin was the last time DD and Morli played The Underground. The lack of consideration demonstrated while I provided the space, rent, hosting, and advertising for that event. I knew I was closing the doors on the Sun & Moon Group eventually. And that day was a very clarifying moment. Time for me to be a freeloader and as rude and crass, giving as good as I get.

23 thoughts on “When Doves Cry

    • Hello Roxy i want to come across more mature, could you give me classes on how to be an old dried out wicked witch, please?
      in love, your arrowandbow.

      • Not in my skill set or experience but if I want to observe a schizotypal personality, I’ll just look for you.

    • when i first met you, you were supportive of live music, created fun environments…and pleasant to be around. now you hurl death threats, invective, proactive abuse, and nonstop negativity. you have become paranoid, and choose to hang out in environments you clearly dont find any joy or happiness in and you stand there and hurl childish tantrums into the wind. i’m sorry the environment isn’t giving you what you need to be happy…but in the end, unlike SaveMe who still sees in you a worthy candidate of being saved, I only see an embittered virtual creature who is worthy of pity and mourning. i wish you the best in whatever goals you’re trying to reach…and i’m dead serious…get back on your meds, please.

  1. Oh Whirli you sad old man, you aren’t going to Gas Light me with your twists on reality.

    Stay away from the kids.

    • indeed, when genuine words are offered, and the person who receives them feels they are being gaslit, then that indeed is the exact issue I talked about earlier: in the time I’ve known you, you have transformed into a genuinely paranoid person, and you really do need to get back on some kind of medication. I assure you I am not gaslighting you…just speaking as one human to another. I’ve said my peace…you may the last caustic word. i dont have the patience to continue to deal with the sinkhole you have unfortunately become.

  2. Whirli, I’ll be checking back to see you reply because it amuses me. But I’m not reading your ramblings. I have no interest in what you have to say. And I’m beyond any damage you think you can inflict you silly old cartoon career fool.

  3. For the uninformed three years ago I kicked Whirli out of my group when he was a no show for two performances in a row. I told him he was welcome at Open Mics but I would not book him and advertise his appearances until I was satisfied that he could honor his commitments. He then went on an hours long tirade until I finally banned him from that location. His resentment lasts to this day.

    For a short time he would routinely appear at the LM of my other locations to make a snide remark or to stand there a silent stalker. He’s not a well man.

    • Book someone? No show is a serious option for the ones who are forced to be locked up in your dungeons to act as animated monkeys.

    • Roxy, your slanderous comments seem to be the only way you operate these days. It’s been a gradual decline for you, and of course playing at your venue became a tedious and joyless task…because you as a venue owner became boring, judgemental and insecure. Don’t you dare try to spread your nasty misplaced venom on me….in the course of 3 years, during this same time you talked about, I played over 150 times at the same venue……Getting up every Sunday morning at 6am, to play a venue of people who were fun, joyous, and positive people to be around. Think about that 150 sundays during a 3 year stretch. I play at venues where I have fun. Sorry you perseverate on things that happened 3 years ago….you’ve become a pathetic whining empty shell of a person. And your other nonsense about banning me…you are delusional if you think I resent being banned from your location. I find you profoundly boring….and I have never stalked your sadass environment. I have gone to listen to music….but having to deal with your preemptively snide ceaseless bullshit is something I have no time for. Get back on your medications…and find some positivity…or just shut the fuck up and trip out on your delusions.

      • You sad and angry man. I speak my mind and I feel deeply sorry for you. Sorry that reality is a challenge for you but that’s really not my responsibility to address for you. Medications, my you do project. Go call a help line you sound unhinged.

  4. Roxy Gellar: I’ll quote 5 things you said in this conversation. Go ahead and argue with yourself about how sane you are.

    Roxy Gellar: SaveMe please die. The world would be a better place
    Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe
    Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe
    Roxy Gellar: Derender makes it perfect. Die SaveMe
    Roxy Gellar: Die SaveMe.

  5. Whatever you say, old man. Good to see you’ve calmed down. Hope you’ll seek the professional help you need and stop being so dependent on living in a virtual reality. It’s kind of sad. Certainly not healthy at all. Glad there wasn’t the slightest possibility of me ending up like you. But then, I hold to the possibility that you are still capable of improvement however slight. Get well soon, whatever you name is.

  6. that’s really all you got, isn’t it? Faced with reality: your own words where you tell a person to die—5 times no less!—all you can do is pathetically try to shift the focus with your ridiculously transparent oh look! squirrel! nonsense. You really cant take responsibility for any of your nonstop crap, can you? You used to be a pretty cool person, Roxy, but then for some reason you snapped and became a common troll. What a pity.

  7. Wishing somebody dead is a self fulfilling profecy, actually not only for the one you aiming at but also for yourself, it’s just a matter of time. So I see it as warm compliments from dear Roxy to tell me she consider me unavoidable alive. And as she is herself virtualy dead and not even quaified to troll I will continue my efforts to save her and turn her into a happy human being again.

  8. You kids are hilarious. I think your mutual friend is in far deeper trouble than I if karma comes into play/ It’s pretty oblivious already smacking him upside the head in that 10×10 SRO room in St. Louis and you two in ways you are oblivious to yourselves. Have a nice day.

  9. Roxy, whether you wrote it, or whether you live in a house full of other cartoons-with-attitudes….I could give a rat’s ass, “you silly fuck” ;p Focus! You gonna drop all your righteous misplaced anger and nonstop unbalanced slanders and explain how mentally stable it is for a person to tell another to “die” 5 times? Or are you just continue trolling?

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