Because The Weather


Dividni Shostakovich whispers: You’re so bright, and I can’t see myself 😀

SaveMe Oh: You might not be so bright then.

Dividni Shostakovich: Believe me, if I were smart I’d be an artist lol

SaveMe Oh: A lot of people live in that misconception.

Dividni Shostakovich sings to Elton John, “SaveMe you’r a star!”

SaveMe Oh: Elton still has to do that one.

Cherry Manga: Yep would love to have SaveMe’s attachments for the francogrid project, there are colors there, but here i wanted sobriety, for once :D. This is pushing

Dividni Shostakovich: The ghost of SaveMe present

Cherry Manga: It’s the Oh(m) effect

SaveMe Oh: Live from Lisbon.

Dividni Shostakovich: You’re in Lisbon?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Glasz DeCuir: Is a traveller performer :))

SaveMe Oh: It’s an awful weather, you are lucky.

Dividni Shostakovich: I was there five years ago maybe

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I can still smell.


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