De Zaanse Tunnel

When Portuguese architect and city planner Maria da Graça Cabral Oliveira de Andrade showed me her plan for a tunnel for a design contest for the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands I offered her to build her design inside secondlife and make a little promotion movie.

The tunnel is located between Westerpark and de Zaanse straat in Amsterdam and the designs should all be done in tiles. In the design you see typical houses of the “Zaan”, a characteristic region located north of Amsterdam.

2- De Zaanse tunnel 04-04-2016

If you want to see a tunnel, first build in secondlife, been realised in reality you can vote here until the 23th of may. You only have to add a postal code. (if you don’t know which one, just pic one in Amsterdam).

4- Wand aanzichten 04-04-2016 B (3).jpg


4 thoughts on “De Zaanse Tunnel

    • When we win I will drive you through the tunnel on the back of my bicycle. So dont forget to tell everybody around you to vote too.

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