Refugee At Abandoned Land

They tried to ban me but forgot a small piece of abandoned land right in the middle. Besides the banning and excluding of people they try to get gifts for Relay For Life in the fight against cancer. It always puzzles me why the organisers of these events turn out to be the biggest assholes. Are they afraid their life is too short before the pope declares them holy too like Mother Teresa? And is that a legitimation for fundraising for cancer, but forget about freedom?

And then they call themselves Lollygaggers, well, slow they are for sure.


SaveMe Oh: Why am I between ban lines here?

Ziki Questi: I discovered earlier … there is a piece of abandoned land right in the middle of the gallery! You’re on it 🙂 as am I. And you can’t be banned from abandoned land, I don’t think 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I might have to do something about it when nobody does.

I dropped some fish

Stefanie Stringer: Griefer attack

Le Pow: Art attack lol

SaveMe Oh: No, fight against dictators who think they can exclude people. Are you the dictator on duty here Stefanie Stringer? Your German name would assume so.

Chrissssy: Let me see I will chat with pepper

SaveMe Oh: Chrisssy, are you the dictator? OMG

SaveMe Oh: And who might be that Pepper???? The assistant of the dictatorship? Lollygaggers who ban people, how sad, what an idiots. As if they never learned anything. Trying to be funny but in the mean time as conservative as hell, especially those idiots who are around already for years and still behave like little Mussolini mini’s.

Chrissssy: Everyone follow the arrows and there are other artists within easy walking distance

SaveMe Oh: When you didn’t had me banned I could go any walking distance. Now I am stuck here

Chrissssy: there are 3 artists in here and two outdoors

SaveMe Oh: And the most famous artist of SL right here in front of you. Forget all those

Chrissssy: welcome to the art show I will give u note card to explain

SaveMe Oh: yes, you sure need a note card. Unban me and you get a real party.


Raskolnikov Roffo: Glad you’re here also to increase the fun 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Too bad you banned me so I cannot make bigger the revelry

Raskolnikov Roffo: Do not worry, the ban does not work really;)

SaveMe Oh: The losers tend to have more problems with unbanning. That button they do not know.

Raskolnikov Roffo: There’s just a small square land which is not ours, but LL. I think you stand there just in.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I know, nice huh? Makes the idiots even more stupid.

Raskolnikov Roffo: Mjah, That idiot is me.

SaveMe Oh: Too frugal to buy it there too??? Dutch for sure. If you’d just unbanned me everywhere we are ready.

Roffo Raskolnikov: It was a hassle, I do not know why exactly, so we let it like this. You are now unbanned on lollygagger lane

SaveMe Oh: You are a sweetheart.

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