Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

SheldonBR and Angelika Corral pretend to offer an exhibition about surrealism in their Daphne Arts Gallery but what they offer is role-playing the most conservative museum you can imagine. When Donald Trump would have to do something with art, he would adopt this.


SheldonBR: Hello, SaveMe Oh. Welcome 🙂

Sina Souza: Hello saveme

Angelika Corral: Hello SaveMe

Ferdynand Straaf): Hello SaveMe 🙂

Sheldon (sheldonbr): Nice to see you

CapCat Ragu: Hi Save Me


SaveMe Oh: what a pity they build such an ugly building around surrealism.

CapCat Ragu: Your feet are killing you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure this is not the Leni Riefenstahl exhibition?

CapCat Ragu: Naked man and police, must be a party in Brazil.

SaveMe Oh: How are your roots Cap?

CapCat Ragu: Aereal

SaveMe Oh: Now dont stand here all, go to see the shit glued on virtual walls and dont forget to blog about it as if you saw something new.

CapCat Ragu: I like naked man

Eupalinos Ugajin: クゥー

SaveMe Oh: Eupalinos / surrealism, of course! How is he dressed today? as an urinoir?


JoaoPedro Oh: Hi everyone :))

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me everyone brother!!!!

JoaoPedro Oh: Mmmmmm my sister is here. Hi SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: If people can find us in this megalomaniac building

Josef K: Hello SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: Hello darling

Ux Hax: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Dont call me all, I am SaveMe Oh

Cica Ghost: Hi

SaveMe Oh: Cica. my biggest fan, drawn some new rabbits lately?

Dominic Dogg: are we being griefed by MacDonald and Shell?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are the new sponsors of surrealism!


Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: tp please

Josef K is offering a TP

Angelika Corral ejected you from this land.

SaveMe Oh: And continue tp me until they ban me please

Josef K is offering a TP

SaveMe Oh: Angelika, that was a surreal ejection!

Angelika Corral ejected and banned you from this land.


SaveMe Oh: Banned!

Josef K: I wonder why 🙂

SaveMe Oh: It couldnt be my surreal contribution, so I have really no idea.

Josef K: Haha … well, you managed to make a statement.

SaveMe Oh: And I saw you slime saying this was the best you saw.Better dont tell that to Elton John.

Josef K: Hahaha …. I expect getting some art cheap by saying so!



SaveMe Oh: Why you ban the only real surrealist?

Angelika Corral: Please SaveMe this is causing lag. Don’t do this. I am asking you not to cause lag.

SaveMe Oh: Your ridiculous building is causing lag and all those people dressed as teapots cause lag. You blame the wrong person

Angelika Corral: No need to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: You offend me, by banning the greatest artist of secondlife.

Angelika Corral: If you need us to invite you for a show you could have asked us but let these nice people enjoy this as much as you think it is awful.

SaveMe Oh: Surrealsim is not catched in shows or after appointments. When you would really love surrealism you would accept everything could happen

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right.

SaveMe Oh: I am

Angelika Corral: But there is no point to offend us.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me and leave me in peace. I have a job to do.

Angelika Corral: Would you leave us in peace? Stop offending us? Saying our building is awful. We are not rich, this is all we could do for the love of art and creativity.

SaveMe Oh: I will perform as I like it, without any conditions on forehand. When you dont like it you can derender me. Just like everybody.

Angelika Corral: You are a wonderful performer. I even admired your machinimas.

SaveMe Oh: So hurry up.

Angelika Corral: But let us do our own thing.

SaveMe Oh: DJ Ferdy needs me. People have a right on not to be bored in virtual world.

Angelika Corral: We are crashing here.

SaveMe Oh: So derender the building. I only use eco stuff.

Angelika Corral: We have been working in our lousy building for so long to do this.

SaveMe Oh: Thinking you need a building was the first misconception. Ask a surrealist first next time.

Angelika Corral: Maybe you are right, we are still learning.

SaveMe Oh: Of course I am right, no offense.

Angelika Corral: We will learn after we have been so long like you in these things but leave us for now.

SaveMe Oh: My friends are inside, I cant leave. They are expecting me to upgrade this boring event. You should be pleased with my help. Now people already leave because its so boring, when I perform they stay for hours

10 thoughts on “Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?

  1. Answer to SaveMe Oh

    On the last Sunday (May, 29th), we had the official opening of the exhibition “Surrealism“. The event was a success, but a popular griefer, called SaveMe Oh, in-world, entered the gallery and started to offend us, even after our good reception. Not satisfied with the fact that we simply ignored her offenses, she started to add many particles, polluting visually the ambient with her lack of good taste, and degrading even more the sim performance, that counted with more than 40 avatars at that moment.

    This is my answer to her post “Will Eupalinos Appear As Urinoir?“.

    “We, the owners of DaphneArts Gallery, strongly believe in freedom of speech. Everyone is welcome to visit the gallery and express their ideas and opinions without any censoring.

    I visited your blog recently and noticed that you mention the word “freedom” several times. People are free to appreciate or not what we have created, even the building, that according to you, is awful. But there is a tenuous line that separates the freedom and the respect. It is not easy to prepare an exhibition, even in the metaverse Second Life. It requires a lot of effort to invite the participants, set up the works, and organize the event. There are so many things to do: to think of the decoration of the gallery, promote the show, send the invites. It requires not only dedication, but also love for what we do.

    For you to have an idea, we spent hours just to do the poster of the exhibition. Most of the scripts in the gallery I developed myself, and every line of code was carefully planed to minimize possibilities of bringing lag to our little parcel. Yes, our parcel is little, but this is what we can afford now. The building may not be the most beautiful, but I remember as it was today, my happiness for getting the building that we wanted, after saving linden dollars for a long time, and, then, starting our project. First we started with DaphneArts Gallery I. Some time later, we finished our Atelier, and soon we are going to inaugurate the Gallery II. And we have put our dedication in this project – every hour spent on this, and, sometimes, even nights, just to do something that we enjoy and believe in.

    You are free to express what you think, but I demand that you also be respectful. I was reading the chat that you posted, and it is clear the way we received you with respect. I even said that it was nice to see you, and, in fact, it was nice to see every person who entered the gallery that day, to share with us some hours during the event, and enjoy (or not) what we have done.

    You are free to like what you saw or not, but I demand respect. And I won’t accept you tryng to destroy what we have put such effort to bring up.

    I suggest you to open your own gallery and add what you want. You claim to be the best “artist” in Second Life, and a real Surrealist, so I am pretty sure you will enjoy spending hours to build your own space, with your dedication and the way you want, but I won’t accept you to destroy what I put my effort and passion to build, and even call it freedom. For me it has another name – it is lack of respect.


    • About the lack of respect you are completely right. When surrealism is exhibited like this I can only show my disgust. On the other hand my love for people forces me to do everything to save you.

  2. Oh, yes! Saving us, bringing what you call real art? hahahaha.

    I think we are starting to agree. If what you do is real art, then what we show in our gallery may really be very disgusting, because it is completely the opposite of what you do.

    By the way, just by mentioning the expressions “real art” and “real Surrealism” you show how much you understand about arts.

    Take care 🙂

    • Hanging textures in a frame on virtual walls is among the most stupid things you can do. Then you have really not understand the possibilities of virtual worlds and are just another wannabe curator with a big desire to roleplay “Me and my flock of artists”.
      Your DJ confessed yesterday to me it was one of the most boring events she has witnessed for years.

  3. Who doesn’t understand the possibilities of virtual worlds it’s you. You come to talk about possibilities and try to force yours as being the only one… or the real one?

    Once I watched one of your videos with a Stravinky’s song and thought it was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen. Stravinky should be wriggling in his grave because of your video. But why would I attack you just because I think that you are not talented? By the way, there is no absolute truth: bad or good is relative and, like time, they are individual perceptions. You can’t declare war just because you don’t like something. This is one of the most stupid things to claim a salvation using violent manners. I choose not to be saved by anyone. Only I myself can save me or not. It is my decision, and the first element of a person’s freedom.

    I had an answer about what the DJ said, but she has nothing to do with this, I won’t do the same stupid thing that you do, posting chats of other people. You don’t even let them know that you have done this. You are a coward!

    You have no talent. You have no arguments. You have only your offensive way of trying to call attention of people. But not at DaphneArts. Goodbye.

  4. Usually I do not comment on blogs, specially not when the content exist of nothing more then yelling and mudfighting. However in this case I felt the urgency to do.
    For who was not at the opening; I was the dj there and told SaveMe in an IM that I found it a boring event.
    That info was not meant to be shared on a public place, but that’s partly my own fault as I could know that SaveMe not much cares about decency. It was not my intent by saying so to offend Sheldon or the things he does. It was above that 1 line in a somewhat longer talk about inter-activity, Arts and virtual worlds.

    Now my opinion of the event has become public I have become part of this “discussion”.
    My point is that they both use big words as; real art, freedom, respect

    But both lack in the abbility to start a real discussion or atleast in a mature way exchange thoughts and opinions.
    Aslong any real discussion ends in aquisations and trying to convince eachother from their own right instead of searching together new ways Art galleries will hang pictures in a frame and “activists” will be banned.

    As Dj I have provided music at dozens of exbition openings, I invite you both (and if others who read this who are interested) to come together and see if we can bring art in a virtual world to a next stage.

    Ferdynand Straaf (ferdynandstraaf@gmail.com)

    “I have no talents but i am passionately curious” – Albert Einstein

    • Sheldon and I, both visited many galleries during the past months. All galleries had photos in frames on the walls. Even if they exist in SL for years and even if they are considered to be much more illustrious and important than us, no one complained about them to be wrong or boring. No one protested about them with terrifying screamings. On the contrary, all have been doing the opposite, patting backs of eachother, distributing dithyrambic reviews for the big events and no one ever talked about taking arts to the next level. Status quo….

      I wonder….

      When did hanging photos on a gallery’s walls become so bad and boring? Since the “surreallism” exhibition at DaphneArts? Why did our wish to bring some fine photographers and artists together in one event and present them to other SL residents, disturb so many and so much? And last but not least, why do the “best artist” and the “best dj” of SL attack us ferociously for doing that?

      Concerning galleries, we are the new kids on the block….
      I consider the fact that everyone is expecting Sheldon and I to be the ones to bring SL arts to the next level, even if this is our third exhibition, very flattering. I thank you all for having such high expectations from us both.
      I just wish the suggestions and the statements were placed in a more elegant manner …. because elegance is our style…. be sure of that !

      Angelika Corral

      • As SaveMe Oh is the only work of art present in the virtual worlds you may call yourself lucky that she had chosen you with your mediocre, conservative, snobis event to be the platform of a next work of art of her. Not understanding that you became a part of her performance shows her unique talent to pick exactly the most horrible exhibition for the greatest result to expose herself once more. Her work gains quality when it’s done on fertile grounds. Making an exhibition in a pathetic useless building with framed rubbish on virtual walls labeled as surrealism was the perfect playing ground. It couldn’t be more easy to prove how worthless the secondlife wannabe art scene is and how necessary it is that the great SaveMe Oh saves you all.

      • I did not attack you, I said something about the event in a private IM to SaveMe. Instead of asking why I found it a boring event I got nothing else then a complete closed attitude like “we are doing right and who not agrees with that is bad”.
        I said that I do not want to offend what you do, I contrary made an opening to do things better. And as you are new kids on the block i maybe had hoped you would be open to critics , even when those are put less elegant then you like.
        New Kids on the block sounds to me that as to do something else then all others do.
        And yes you started that with a very pretentious exhibit about surrealism, bringing different artists together, I realy like that!
        Bringing really something new to sl needs guts to be the best, to consider yourself the best, i had hopped Daphene arts was the partner to that, but above comment show they rather like to stay on the conservative side. rating respect and elegancy more then being different.

  5. Did you learn that to be called activist first you need a cause? You can’t call yourself activist just because you have a different taste and try to impose it.

    I won’t call myself artist, but I am an amateur draftsman who feels excitement to draw the human figure. So, after finishing my artworks in RL, I come to SL and continue thinking of visual arts. And this is why I and Angelika opened DaphneArts Gallery – to hang on the walls the artworks of some photographers we enjoy on Flickr. And we thought it would be interesting to see them creating a work according to a theme. Our gallery is new and we had only 3 exhibitions. I am pretty sure that we have a lot to improve, to learn, and to make DaphneArts acquire its own personality.

    I agree with something that you said recently: “SL is a world with many possibilities”, and there is space for a more traditional approach, the same way it is a great place to explore new possibilities. As a visual art lover, I chose to do what we are doing, even though I recognize that we may try different things soon.

    If you don’t like what we do, this is your taste and opinion, not a cause. Trust me, if you were an art activist, I would be fighting by your side. You are only a rebel without a cause.

    When you learn this, you will be removed from the ban list. In other way, we are not accepting people who just want to call attention and disturb the audience, even using the term “activism” for this.

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