SaveMe Oh, The Drama Queen Of Secondlife

Yoon, who’s Secondlife is not the most important part of her life found anyway the time to write this deep insight on you know who.

On her blog she wrote this:

Fuck off

I think I hardly have to introduce the name SaveMe Oh, but for the ones not familiar with it I suggest you simple google the name in combination with Second Life as search string and read your way through her dramas. I find it too much trouble to even try to make an overview of it and a waste of blog space with information that already exists elsewhere. So I write this blog assuming the reader knows the name and background of what I will call a phenomena in SL you either dislike or adore. Something in between seems impossible because too soft and not enough for SaveMe to be able to call you a hypocrite or fan. The people adoring SaveMe without any form of critics I see mostly as hypocrite myself, so there we have the first difference in view already, sort of picturing the whole scene around this avatar, full of controversies and provocations. Adoration like that is being blinded by the aura of activism always being good only, no matter the means and consequences.

Controversies and provocations I don’t mind at all to be clear, I am full of it myself as well regularly and we all are when something is itching us, but the thing with SaveMe is she has a mission and screws it up over and over again. Second Life must be saved from bad art and hypocrites. That in short is the mission. But the way SaveMe battles and conquers is showing exactly the elements she says to be polluting Second Life. In other words: SaveMe produces bad art regularly and is hypocrite herself. It’s quite funny to read how others always are being accused of being repetitive and boring, where the most predictable, boring and repetitive avatar in SL is SaveMe Oh herself.

Shows with the same visuals, blogs with the same kind of provocations, the same kind of images with an intention to be insulting, copying chats at Facebook and her blog, entering and disrupting openings or other things that are going on in Second Life, trying to get banned and then use it afterwards to scream and shout like a spoiled child she is treated bad, accusing everyone but herself from indecent behaviour, and of course the usual verbal fights when people are seduced or triggered to react on provocations.

The sad thing is, SaveMe has in fact a point at some of the occasions she likes to criticize. I agree in many ways with the art scene in Second Life often being a joke and not very attractive and the way the LEA sims are managed and used also often makes me think . . . pffff really? And no that does not mean someones effort is not appreciated, but the choice can be done better and at least more renewing. I think art in SL is often like being in a mixer using the same ingredients trying to make something new, but after a while you are out of options. Art should not be something that only rotates existing elements and persons into a minor change and flavour, it should add new elements and persons much much more and let go of the safe options that guarantee a use of sims and spaces for sure, but also become like the carpet that is there since the beginning. A more flexible and daring approach would be refreshing, or an active recruting of talents instead of opening the same box of names and objects again. The persons that host their private space and works I do not mean, that’s always their business and their money, but a collective like LEA to me feels rusty and outdated very much.

And of course it is good to battle a system that is too compressed with safety choices and too much a friends network that protect each other for the sake of peace and keeping it work in the way they are familiar and content with it, but I think the people managing it are not all bad people and also have no bad intentions, just they feel comfy with their positions and network and see no reason to change it. Maybe someone will have a bad day and acts wrong or feels a pressure to hit back when being challenged in a way that feels threatening, but in general I think most people behind the LEA curtains mean well, but miss the skills or courage to change policies and for that reason discard suggestions from outside the walls of LEA.

Is all of this a reason to become aggressive in public and make a drama on every occasion? Are private hosters of art venues a fair choice to be attacked with unwanted disruptions at their places? Is the claim that art is a public element also a right to be disrespectful in that public space? Is claiming you do it for others than yourself (bullshit to me in the case of SaveMe) a right to spoil peoples pleasure that do like to visit what the griefer hates so much? Is freedom the same as the right to demand at the other to only like what you like? Is freedom the same as overruling others people’s rules? No to all of this. The only thing SaveMe seeks is attention. Be it not positive than she will go for the negative form of it. When positive you are part of the groupies and SaveMe will lick your ass where she accuses all her enemies to do so. When negative you can count on many replies that will either be nonsense, anger or insults. And the smart thing is, yes I have to admit there is a smart element in this show, the way she replies tends to avoid the true issue, to prevent she is not being framed into her own web of assumptions and accusations becoming ridiculous.

In fact I have never seen a worse activist than SaveMe. She is to me the only avatar in SL that is capable of making a point and destroy it again as well at the same time by choosing the wrong approach that leaves no space for communicating with sense and no freedom to be different. The worst dissidents are the ones that only tolerate one dissident . . . their own persona and view only.

Do I have an issue with SaveMe? Do I want to destroy her here with words? No in both cases. In fact I never mind too much when she is doing what she is doing. Kind of used to it and either ignoring, derendering or enjoying. Yes I can enjoy it as well and did several times. But it does not mean I enjoy or approve of all that is on the agenda. I only write this blog because I like to share my view on a SL phenomena I experience as both annoying and nice, totally depending on how a space is BEING TAKEN (HIJACKED) at the cost of others that don’t act hostile or whatever, or a space BEING PERMITTED TO TAKE, because people like to do so for their own personal reasons. I never felt the need to either support or reject SaveMe, because its both too strict for me and hypocrite. Preaching freedom and taking it away from others is stupid. Telling SaveMe is an idiot and should be banned everywhere also is insane and a call to ban her from the whole Second Life grid even more insane. Also will not work of course, but besides that it is all panic and fears which I see as odd because it’s nothing that will kill you in the end is it? I see it as collateral damage we also have in RL, when activists become too radical and mess up a good demonstration. And they don’t hurt you or me with that, but their own cause.

Should we protest more and in another way than this? We could, but SL is not the most important part of my life and not so interested in being an activist here myself. But even a lack of protest, because lazy and/or not interested, does not justify or legitimate being rude in the way it often happens in the SaveMe way. Then I would suggest what Sheldon suggests in his blog: do it better yourself. And sofar I have not seen SaveMe making it so much better in a consistent way, only now and then, just like all the regular artists in SL who can have great work as well as a disappointing work. No one except an incredible talent can do that. Such people are rare. And I could not mention one in Second Life.


12 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh, The Drama Queen Of Secondlife

  1. I just left the following comment on Ms Yoon’s blog (the comment is awaiting approval).

    “Ms SaveMe Oh is an acquired taste and a wonderful child of nature in the age of cyberspace. She is an amazing force, sometimes a waste of time and space but always a very spontaneous person seemingly untouched by society’s conventions. It is quite understandable that some simply cannot appreciate her sense of humour and her artistry.

    However, in our wonderful world of SecondLife it is extremely easy to ignore people that we do not fully appreciate or agree with by simply blocking them and we can have eternal peace of mind. By not blocking them and thereby letting them consume our time and energy to afterwards rant about them and their actions, we truly show our ugliest and most loathsome sides.”

    • The cowardly Ms Yoon has chosen not to publish my comment and has instead added the following to a comment she had made before I commented, in which she stated that she accused herself of dictatorship btw and that she had just “ditched SMO comments. Polluting my blog too much”.

      Her addition reads: “I will close comments on this post to have more time, space and energy for the nice things of life and SL. Sometimes a limit and simply ignore or refuse things is a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for reading anyhow:) Mission completed.”

      • Thank you for your heartwarming words.
        And as we both know very well, the one’s who think they have completed their mission are the most difficult to save. But as she deserves it too, like everybody else, I keep on trying.

  2. Being a groupie of SaveMe Oh, I feel it is fair to respond to this post.

    One interesting thing about her art that is rarely mentioned, is in fact that her persona, that her words, are also an expression of her work. Our personal reactions to her are a colorful way of exposing the many emotions in SL, the feelings inside of all of us. She should leave us feeling something powerful, as any good art should do, be it good or bad, be it words or visuals, she is highly effective.

    Her actions are not very different from her all consuming visuals, in that we are taken by, and almost overpowered by it…thus is art. I have watched her take down the most triumphant ruler of a sim, with simple, well calculated words. I have also watched her surround us with amazing awe inspiring visuals without saying one word. Both effect our senses, and it is hard to separate the two because we see so much of the human part of Save in everything she does. She is truly RAW. It’s the kind of thing that made you write this blog Yoon. How many other people have you taken the time to research and write about in such a way? Mission accomplished.. like it or not, you feel her. That’s all she wanted. And bravo to you for taking it on !
    I will always remain a friend to her, if that’s even the right word to use…as she is a bit hard to get to know really. She has built a wall to protect herself, but in the quiet spaces, and simple one on one chats, she is one of the most highly intelligent, interesting people I have ever met. Not to mention, she has a silly sense of humor that comes highly unexpected, and is well worth waiting for.
    Your words Yoon ,are your true feelings, well said, and well worth hearing, as are hers 🙂

    Save’s friend,

  3. The dislikers of SaveMe are in different sekterist groups.
    The crybabies for instance, who start complaining over how hurt their feelings are as soon as she shows up. Then there are the forever stubborned soldiers that bans her without further notice on their own parties but enjoys her at others. And then the pretentious nutcrackers that in 1457 words make shallow analysis of Save´s role in Second Life artworld. They pretend to find some qualities but very few – and after all, she is too provocative…

    This has been going on for many years now in SL. An interesting total art performance.
    And as an “adorer”, that is what Yoon calls some of us, I eagerly wait for Save to lick my ass – it has not happened yet.

  4. In my opinion, YOU and THEY are in a symbiotic relationship, and would die without each other, so to speak. The way you feed off each other is entertaining, and the fact you both want to do away with each other is a denial of the fact that it’s the battle you all crave, not winning. I hope it never ends.

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