My One Night Stand With Igor

Igor Ballyhoo: I like your animated scissors.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, I could perform this inside your forest of scissors, but you let all your bosses ban me.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t, you can go to LEA 7? Rose Borchovski is boss there.

SaveMe Oh: Sigh, you are all so stupid, so easy for the dictatorships. They give you a parcel and you are all happy.

Igor Ballyhoo: I just don’t care enough.

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I have to care.

Igor Ballyhoo: Good for you.

SaveMe Oh: Because idiots like you don’t. You are happy with just a tube of glue. Good for you.

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t come here for you to call me names. Do it again and I will mute you again.

SaveMe Oh: You can leave again.

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok

Igor and Me 2_002

SaveMe Oh: Its more easy to obey the dictatorships I assume.

Igor Ballyhoo: I don’t obey anything.

SaveMe Oh: No ass-licker will admit it.

Igor Ballyhoo: So you wanted to be muted? Ok, have it your way.

SaveMe Oh: I am banned anywhere where you are a slave, so doesnt matter much. But if I see you online I will TP you to real events.

One thought on “My One Night Stand With Igor

  1. Poor Igor.. he started a nice chat, but never had any chance with you, not at all Save….bad date from the start…I would make a much better one night stand for you, but I hope you are in a better mood that night. We should start off with a few strong drinks for sure.

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