Will The Earth End If I Am Wrong, Igor Ballyhoo?

Igor Ballyhoo: Are you busy

SaveMe Oh: For you I let everything fall out of my hands and run to you.


Igor Ballyhoo: Good. I was curious about something. What motivates you for troling in SL? How and why a person decide that is what makes them amused? Did you do it elsewhere before SL?

SaveMe Oh: It’s difficult to answer that question as I don’t feel at all I am trolling. So we have already a problem here.

Igor Ballyhoo: You obviously spend enormous amounth of energy on it so there must be some logic in it I guess but ok how would you like to rephrase that term?

SaveMe Oh: I spend an enormous amounth of energy in creating and saving secondlife and that amuses me enormous. When it wouldn’t do that I wouldn’t be in SL. It hurt my feelings and makes me sad people call it trolling as I consider myself the only real artwork inside Secondlife. You glue some babyheads together and are done for months, I have to be creative every day. Don’t see whats trolling about that.

Igor Ballyhoo: Well when I say trolling, I mean insulting everyone and everything, hijacking their projects and u know what I mean actually, you know well deffinition of trolling but that is not what I wanted to discuss, I was curious about why such nihilistic approach? Is there nothing that you find interesting in sl to support? I guess what I am trying to say is, way to shape some group or opinion is stick and carot, just stick or just carrot porved ineffective, don;t u think?

SaveMe Oh: Virtual reality was not invented to be a copy of real life, with the same rules, ego-driven caracters or ownership based events. I want to take the freedom to do whatever I like in my screen, knowing that everybody is able to derender me in their screen when they dont like it. By doing so I show which mechanism are still holding back complete freedom. I dont understand for example why you participate in events you know I am banned, like the UTSA. I hate you for being a collaborator of dictatorships. Why can’t you just derender me if you dont like to see me?

Igor Ballyhoo: I mostly agree that there is no need that VR become copy of reality, it has much more potential but don’t you think that people need some transition time to get used to new dimension of thinking, after all, you do have human form here?

SaveMe Oh: I gave the people already 9 years of transition time, on a certain moment that must be enough. So I am afraid I become more radical every day concerning this. I have no more patience with idiots.

Igor Ballyhoo: I organise and participate in events and spaces like UTSA and other galleries because it is what can inspire people to work further and creation (even way of thinking about creation ) is process not final state. Idiots can grow.

SaveMe Oh: I do exactly the same, only I dont create borders around it. I am not afraid for any kind of contribution or disturbance, actually I hope for it as in my believe thats the true future of virtual worlds. Not your primglueing on a forbidden sim.

Igor Ballyhoo: OK, lets say you do the same thing, why not making more independent projects then, it seams to me that all your works are depending on others that you despise so much?

SaveMe Oh: My main work is performing wherever I can, primglueing I left behind me long ago.

Igor Ballyhoo: What is difference between using prims or using users?

SaveMe Oh: I shape an experience, you and your kind create dead stuff. And the dead stuff is so much better in RL.

Igor Ballyhoo: World is constantly changing, virtual reality together with it and noone knows where it will end and in what form. You did get my curiosity.

SaveMe Oh: My work all the time generates curiosity, I think thats why it is called art.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am curious what is that attitude you are driven by

SaveMe Oh: The attitude is freedom to create and fight the ones who want to prevent that.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you feel SL would be better without places like UTSA, Berg and other sims?

SaveMe Oh: The places should be there without the idiots who rule them.

Igor Ballyhoo: Don’t you think that just becomes giant sandboxes then, something like LEA

SaveMe Oh: Sandboxes are so much better than LEA or UTSA as you see the process and interaction. Only I am banned there so I dont have recent experience.

Igor Ballyhoo: But in sandboxes you get everything unfiltered, doesnt that make cacophony?

SaveMe Oh: The real art-IKEA’s are UTSA and LEA, or UWA. The most horrible places. People should be free to discover what they want. Virtual worlds shouldn’t be musea.

Igor Ballyhoo: What do you get when you mix all color paints in to one.

SaveMe Oh: I dont need you or the idiot curators to tell me what colors I should mix

Igor Ballyhoo: No, of course not.

SaveMe Oh: All those idiots you are working for have hidden agenda’s. They dont want your art, they want to show off their sim for their own benefit

Igor Ballyhoo: But don’t you think people should mix colors as they want and in the end you can like it or spit on it but at least they had chance to show their way of showing their thoughts?

SaveMe Oh: Everybody can show what they want, and every spectator can choose what she want to see.

Igor Ballyhoo: What would be a benefit in your opinion?

SaveMe Oh: A benefit would be that the toilet cleaner of UWA becomes an art curator because he was the first to install SL on his computer.

Igor Ballyhoo: Are you trying to say that I am being used?

SaveMe Oh: Of course you are.

Igor Ballyhoo: For what purpose?

SaveMe Oh: For their own benefit

Igor Ballyhoo: And becoming “art curator” is in your opinion a benefit? Just to be clear again?

SaveMe Oh: When you improve your position in RL by it, yes. When at once you are the expert on VR, yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am aware that most gallery owners in SL couldn’t tell Man Ray from Picasso, not that I have much high opinion of them but still I am curious why do you feel so strong about them? Why do you even care?

SaveMe Oh: As those toilet boys and girls decide that I am not welcome.

Igor Ballyhoo: I am sure that is what you are aiming for, why making question out of it, what are you trying to proove?

SaveMe Oh: So nice targets for me. I love to fight them as they are the examples of stupidity who make our world such a disaster.

Igor Ballyhoo: But that is such easy thing to do, where is chalenge there?

SaveMe Oh: I try to proove that the world is run by idiots.

Igor Ballyhoo: lol

SaveMe Oh: Do you agree?

Igor Ballyhoo: Proving well known fact is meaningless? It is like proving that earth is round

SaveMe Oh: Glueing mesh babyheads together is meaningless too, Everybody has a right on their own nothing.

Igor Ballyhoo: What I am trying to say is do you think that would make them change?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: I agree, I agree that everyone has their own nothing.

SaveMe Oh: The change is that the idiots are locked up together now in small regions

Igor Ballyhoo: Or left sl

SaveMe Oh: Where they can hit eachother in the shoulder how good they are.

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you think that SL is better without Pirates Gallery?

SaveMe Oh: Galleries are ok, Idiots like Newbab or Merlina we can do better without.

Igor Ballyhoo: That was not an answer, fact is that they were that gallery.

SaveMe Oh: I dont mind spaces where people build, I love to interact there.

Igor Ballyhoo: If all the “idiots” leave SL, what do you expect would remain here?

SaveMe Oh: Free space?

Igor Ballyhoo: What’s use of free space if there is noone to see what you do? You can do it then just localy on your HDD.

SaveMe Oh: Thats for the losers in open sim. Here we still can generate large crowds.

Igor Ballyhoo: With aim to chase them off?

SaveMe Oh: I dont chase them off. I save them

Igor Ballyhoo: Do you really believe that?

SaveMe Oh: Yes.

Igor Ballyhoo: What if you are wrong?

SaveMe Oh: The earth will end?

Igor Ballyhoo: Ok, I was away from SL for 2.5 years for example, do you think SL profited from that

SaveMe Oh: So you see, its still there, I didnt kill it in the mean time.

Igor Ballyhoo: Since I know you concider my works for nothing

SaveMe Oh: Sorry if I have to puke if I see another mesh head with cogwheels moving towards a dead rabbit.

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