Xeno’s Fobias

Xeno Lane: Hello, Ill be doing something about the most famous movies to fit in the theme of the posters

SaveMe Oh: You only have to look at the movies of SaveMe Oh, everything else can go to the dumpster

Xeno Lane: i hope you wont come

SaveMe Oh: You will spin the same shitty music as last time?

Xeno Lane: will you come? You have been incredibly rude last time, no respect for people trying to do something

SaveMe Oh: Glasz always want me there, especially when there is shitty music, otherwise she has no visitors

Xeno Lane: you dont desserve to come. Glasz promised me you wont be there. she will leash you


SaveMe Oh: Hey, that you have some mp3 on your computer doesnt make you something interesting. You are not better than any random radio station

Xeno Lane: Keep your shitty mouth to yourself

SaveMe Oh: This is my mouth yes, speaking the truth. Are you going to invite again your 4 friends?

Glasz DeCuir: SaveMe is performing with Morlita Quan tonight, Xeno

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I change plans.

Glasz DeCuir: You havent listened Xeno, so why this now? Why dont you attack your “beautiful people” friends, by example?

SaveMe Oh: Xeno has beautiful people friends? I only saw blown up dolls last time

Glasz DeCuir: that line was for you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: And who are my beautiful people friends?

Glasz DeCuir: you can try to make a list 😉

SaveMe Oh: I fear you are the only one.

Glasz DeCuir: thank you for the good words 🙂 please I dont use this chat so tlak in other channel

SaveMe Oh: I think Xeno prefers this channel. He is so quiet at once, did you zip her mouth?

SaveMe Oh:Do your best Roxy

Glasz DeCuir: please, go, i am going to be forced to eject you, you know. you arent the guest star tonight sorry, and bye, enjoy


SaveMe Oh: That she always says, you do a very good Roxy

Glasz DeCuir: dont be so bad with Glaszie….

SaveMe Oh: Dont be so bad with me you should be the one ashamed of yourself


Glasz DeCuir: . I have a Dj event and this is what I have to do because you was insulting them last week end, no excuses.


And Glasz DeCuir ejected me from her land

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