The Last Harbour Of Desperate Bloggers

Of course Giovanna Cerise cowardly banned me at the opening of her warmed up leftovers but the good news was that I could leave after 5 minutes when I finally could pay the place a visit.

Ziki Questi waves

Ziki Questi: What brings you here?

SaveMe Oh: I was previously banned here

Ziki Questi chuckles … Just being persistent? You’re in a different parcel than I am though

SaveMe Oh: Not anymore apearantly because I can see the rubbish of Giovanna

Ziki Questi: 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Omg, do I hate this pathetic shit

Ziki Questi laughs … Well you don’t care for anything other than your own work, do you?

SaveMe Oh: When I see good work, I love it too, I hardly see it. I cant understand why you waste your time on this shit. Once you dare to share your opinion, but now you get worse than Ampel. Only LM shitting

Ziki Questi grins … Well, if you have suggestions I am very happy to look at them, you know (including your stuff!)

SaveMe Oh: Yes, my suggestion is only to blog when you see something worthwhile, otherwise go catching pokemons or bake blueberry pies.

Ziki Questi: Haha … and your suggestions for what to blog might include what?

SaveMe Oh: You missed 3 oportunities this weekend, thats sad enough

Ziki Questi: Haven’t been on because of the fuckers at the cable company :/ no connection for two days. What were the 3?

SaveMe Oh: Sigh……

Oportunity 1:


Oportunity 2:


Oportunity 3:


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