Welcome, SaveMe

Megan Prumier: Hey SaveMe welcome

Grazia Mill: Hi SaveMe! Nice to see you!

SaveMe Oh: If I am welcome we decide later, shall we?

Dixmix Source: hello Saveme and actually welcome 🙂

SaveMe Oh: The night is still young

Grazia Mill: Oh my… impressive chair SaveMe!!

Caitlin Tobias: Lots of….cats…


SaveMe Oh: After I killed several SL catlady’s, the cats came to me.

Dalriada Delwood: What is this on the floor?

SaveMe Oh: Coffee

Grazia Mill: SaveMe has the coffee ready, Dal

Caitlin Tobias: Coffee! but…but….Grazia promised free wine…

Dalriada Delwood: No coffee for me, gives me the trembles

Dixmix Source: SaveMe I know it’s your way to make art, I’m reading you but … respect the event of other please remove animal and the painting on the floor

SaveMe Oh: First they say you are welcome…… and then this…

Caitlin Tobias: Makes sense to me…

Megan Prumier: Hey lions and cats are awesome I luv them but please can you remove that thing on the floor please? So?

SaveMe Oh: So its welcome on conditions?

Virtuelle Amiot: I agree with Dixmix

Caitlin Tobias: Well I would think its best to not litter….

Dixmix Source: Allez hop

SaveMe Oh: Litter is a subjective thing

Caitlin Tobias: Yeah lets not go there…

SaveMe Oh: Some call this litter, others what is hanging on the walls here!

Caitlin Tobias: …Sigh

SaveMe Oh: very subjective

Caitlin Tobias: Subjective is my middle name

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

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