Requiem For A Dictator


After I brought down recent dictatorships CARP, PIRATS and UWA I promised that I would now start to finish off the last remaining dictatorship LEA (read my post from September 11 and I am happy to announce that the biggest scumbag who kept the art world hostage for years has been eliminated.

Solo Mornington has been removed from LEA without any explanation but we all know this bastard thought he could get away with his griefing methods but underestimated the almighty power of SaveMe Oh. It was a long battle in which I had to use blog posts, movies, pictures or whatever I could lay my hand on but today I succeed, the tyrant has gone.

The current LEA committee members are, in alphabetical order:

Jayjay Zifanwe

JMB Balogh

LaPiscean Liberty

PatriciaAnne Daviau

Secret Rage

The LEA Committee is also assisted by the LEA Advisory Board:

Corcosman Voom

TheDove Rhode


Saffia Widdershins

Ex Offcio LEA Committee member(s):

Honour McMillan

Former LEA Committee members and Advisors include:

L1Aura Loire

Oberon Onmura (link is external)

Solo Mornington

Etc, etc.

To celebrate the removal of this idiot some of the movies and pics that did the job as a warning for the ones who persist in banning the most famous artist of Secondlife, SaveMe Oh.




Save God


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