The Annual Art Whores Ball

The Big City Orchestra is one of the participants in this year’s Burn2  in Secondlife. Burn2 is an already years running fake which try to copy the real life Burning man but is in reality a cover up for Christian Fundamentalist Boy scout rangers who are busy with missionary work. But they do it so well that artists who would commit suicide in case Donald Trump would become their president have no problem to play the art whores here for some free prims.

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SaveMe Oh:  Burn2 in SL organised by Christian fundamentalist boy scout rangers. Good luck.

Ninah Pixie:  Hm, sounds like someone had a not so wonderful experience… sorry to hear that… we’ve been enjoying ourselves taking part in music & art since 2007 Burning Life…

SaveMe Oh:  Burning Life and Burn2 in SL are 2 completely different things but maybe you would perform too when Donald Trump would ask you.

Ninah Pixie: Have not experienced anything along the lines that you mention since BURN2 took over the ‘fest…. anyway…. maybe you ran across some not so good people, but there are 1000’s of folks involved…. have fun.

SaveMe Oh: You too.

Ninah Pixie: SaveMe, can you kindly remove that comment above mine (related to politics)? We have and wish not to invoke that sort of thing around here.

UB RADIO SALON: We removed it for you

SaveMe Oh: I don’t even have to prove censorship, it’s done while you watch.

UB RADIO SALON: SaveMe Oh keep it up and watch us exercise our freedom too.

SaveMe Oh: Knowing the ways of the Christian fundamentalist rangers I will not be surprised.


Monique Muir: This stage is organized by me, not Christian fundamentalists. and from the burn2 orga no one tried to missionare me so far.

SaveMe Oh: Then try to invite SaveMe Oh and see what happens. I predict an apocalyptic shitstorm.

Monique Muir: lol I wouldn’t invite Save Me Oh even if it was my own sim.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, you want to be there to save them all?

Monique Muir: It’s easy. They banned SaveMe Oh so they are fundamentalist dictators. Same as LEA and so much other art places in SL and even LL itself. Anyhow, I´m atheist and still running the stage there.

Cat C. Boucher: SaveMe, this is SL how can you take that so serious?

SaveMe Oh:  I am so serious because I see what a shithead as Trump does in RL and I can’t believe we let those shitheads in SL get away with the same.

When I get tired of it all I can always start a circus and hire a good clown.

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