The Holy Black Danceballs Of Rosie Gray

Rosie Gray: Might be best to keep the red flooring off please SaveMe. It’s hard enough to find the black danceballs under your corpses.

SaveMe Oh: It’s Halloween, everything can happen.

Rosie Gray: Lol, indeed, but we do want to be able to use the dances in the black danceballs.

SaveMe Oh: The zombies will guide them

Rosie Gray: I think some people are having a hard time with it all. Pip Torok can’t see the black dance balls.


Rosie Gray: Please stop the spiders SaveMe… or teach them a lot!

Rosie Gray: SaveMe… can you please take away the floor

Rosie Gray: Pip can’t see the black danceballs and this is ‘our’ party, sighs.  SaveMe,if you don’t, I’m going to have to boot you.

SaveMe Oh: You decide what is more important, a good performance or your black danceballs

Rosie Gray: This isn’t your decision, I’m sorry.

SaveMe Oh: I said you decide……nobody stops you from being a dictator, even at Halloween.

Rosie Gray: Sorry… just too much over the top. It hides everything we had.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, those wonderful black danceballs

Rosie Gray: That’s not all, I was trying to be polite, but you weren’t getting it.


She kicked me out.


SaveMe Oh: Now you can be happy, your black danceballs are back

Rosie Gray: You’re welcome to come back, just don’t overwhelm my black danceballs with your stuff.

SaveMe Oh: Why I want to come back? to stare at your black danceballs?

One thought on “The Holy Black Danceballs Of Rosie Gray

  1. Well, your stuff was fun up to a point SaveMe, and I really didn’t want to boot you. But you know, it wasn’t your party, and you were making it all about you. If it hadn’t overwhelmed everything it would have been fine. Thanks for an entertaining time anyway.

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