Guerilla Strategy To Infiltrate LEA

As one woman guerrilla group I search for ways to infiltrate the ass licking pseudo art community of LEA which is run by a group of self-acclaimed landowners who lick the Linden ass for which they are awarded with free land and unlimited power in the LEA sims.

To get a LEA sim you have to officially send the committee an application on which these self-acclaimed judges will come to an ordeal whether they find your licking acceptable for a free sim or if complementary licking is required.

But without sending an application there are two stages of guerrilla infiltration and takeover of localities.

The first stage is the arrival of SaveMe Oh charged with reconnoitring the terrain, identifying sources of income, and laying the groundwork for a guerrilla administration.


In this case I used as Trojan horse my dear brother Lemonodo Oh. I told him to write an artsy bollocks biography and a plan for some vague artistic religious homo erotic David vs Goliath humbug that would certainly give him a LEA sim. After the first stage was completed by receiving the LEA sim, the second stage was activated by the arrival of a so-called prim invasion—glued prims who seek to gain public sympathy by imposing their own version of artistic freedom.

Once SaveMe Oh gain control of a LEA locality, it becomes a source of support and a springboard for further expansion off a free world.


For this takeover it was necessary to eliminate Solo Mornington for which I take full responsibility as the committee members of LEA choose to look away for years. I had no other option.

By conquering this LEA sim, which I will only occupy during the month of November I am pleased to announce the exhibition NOWHERE IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Now to see in LEA 24.

6 thoughts on “Guerilla Strategy To Infiltrate LEA

  1. Hah, that’s a pretty long-winded way of saying people don’t like your art, so you have to lie to have any hope of getting free shit. 8/8

  2. If you really took over the sim, share an slurl. If not you are a poser. If so you are still just a copycat, caws I took over Public Townscape, left it, came back and found you ha licked every crack in the sim. I found you whining caws everybody was mad caws u did a horrible job of LICKING crack, and had to put my foot in a few of said cracks to help you preserve your dignity. Don’t you remember or are you getting senile?

    If you insist on copying me, EVEN NOW drivive this Morningstar turd crazy. Until he checks into a puzzle factory in real life you are still just a wannabe.
    Turd! hehehehehehehe

    • You better go back licking HAMLET. May I quote you your comment on his blog? Yuk Yuk???!!!!

      Ive known my fair share of griefers. They were actually as a rule kind of cool people in quieter times. However, if your were trying to do anything serious at all they became irritating as their stated goal was to disrupt your fun. The very worst griefers of all were the ones who ‘carried water” for their annointed leaders. Tizzers Foxchase was actually a cool person. Her flunkies most uncool. The leaders of those furry tards of Poland were mildly amusing (when they were being orbited across a sim): yet, their gesturing flunkies were not.
      As an aside the now (sadly to some) dead one-time leader of The PN was unquestionably a douche.
      Linden Lab did an enviable job of breaking the organized griefer groups. Even creating such a thing as the Governance Team showed a willingness on the Lab’s part to police their lil virt world. LL definitely paved the way with respect to combatting griefing in games.

      • I know what I wrote you big dummy! Hehehehe! Fool I’ve ALWAYS sided with the Lab. Even though you’ve copied me since we were noobs. That’s something you never ever got! Lindens, especially the G Team make the best weapon.

        Dummy, how do you think I won all those wars all these years. YOU are NOT a griefer. YOU are just a retard who stops just short of actual grueling who bursts into tears at the slightest threat of punishment. I’ve got the chat logs to prove it. Your whine-fest of a blog PROVES it.

        Your bannings were actually SUSPENSIONS. Hehehehe. Who do you think you are fooling. WE WERE NOODS TOGETHER, Turdme Ho lmao

  3. ^^ That’s Jason, ladies and gentlemen. Winner of wars that nobody knew existed (including his enemy), ally of griefers who have never heard of him, dominator of empty sims that were never in dispute, and close personal friend of Linden Lab employees who only chuckle when his name comes up.

    If second life has a Kim Kardashian, this is him.

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