Cica Ghost In Birkenau

Professor DS Burner: Hello Ms. Oh.  I followed an old link to get here. It was ‘Dreamers by Cica Ghost.’

SaveMe Oh: Old links lead you to the new, congratulations but please don’t swear in front of me! If you want to see Cica Ghost bullshit please go to a Harry Potter movie.


Professor DS Burner: I teach a class on surrealism.  We do a field trip every November.  This Thursday is the next one.

SaveMe Oh: Cica Ghost and surrealism? I would change teachers on the spot! But if you tell you students to sit in the cabin in Birkenau, I guarantee surrealism.

Professor DS Burner: I take them to Two Fish as well as other spots.

SaveMe Oh: Two Fish has nothing to do with surrealism. It’s a war story. Couldn’t be more realistic.

Professor DS Burner: Anything new you recommend?

SaveMe Oh: Sit inside this cabin. Isn’t it relaxing?

Professor DS Burner: Yes. The river is nice.

SaveMe Oh: Well there are more spots like this here, just follow the NOWHERE signs!

Professor DS Burner: The class is about many things, dada, virtual reality.

SaveMe Oh: I am the only one in SL you need to talk to, all the others are frauds.

Professor DS Burner: laughs

SaveMe Oh: Fakes, pretentious snobs, using surrealism because a lack of ideas. It’s a cover up for amateurism. Any questions?

Professor DS Burner: I give the students a wide ranging tour.

SaveMe Oh: Waste of time

Professor DS Burner: I get paid one way or the other.

SaveMe Oh: I already feared so

Professor DS Burner: Nice to meet you.  I’ve been taking my class to see your work for a number of years. I’ll leave you to it. Bye.

SaveMe Oh: That’s hardly possible as I am a performance artist.

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