How Dare The Simple Minded, Egocentric, Self Centered, Spoiled Brat? This Small, Sad, Human Being? This Pathetic Creature And Frustrated Bitch! This Ill Mannered Child! This Visual Terrorist And Fucking Idiot! A Bitter Little Shrew.

When I told Cat C. Boucher from Cat’s Circus that her hippie views about removing boundaries, connecting and collaboration only happen on her own terms she didn’t agree. I argued that she gives musicians all freedom to express themselves but that her ugly tent limits visual artists to do their job.


Soon I found out it was not allowed to have a different opinion as the brothers Farell wished me HELL.

Kevin Farrell: Cat supports all artists, she always has. You can create your own freedom SaveMe Oh, and support people who give freedom to any creative art. Your criticism is unwarranted and untrue.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are being arbitrary and dictatorial.

We all have our preferences, likes and dislikes.

Do you criticise someone for liking oil paint more than watercolour, or do you celebrate the difference and credit both?


Mark Farrell: Cat C. Boucher, your venue and your service to the community, has been nothing short of a blessing. We all know that it is a rare thing a sim ever makes back what it puts in to it and I’m not just talking about money. Blood, sweat, tears by the bushel and hours checking schedules in SL against what you need for yourself in RL.

Far be it from me – or anyone – to criticize your house and then demand to be an honored guest.

How dare the simple minded, egocentric, self centered spoiled brat of this ilk, come pounding at your door, as if to say that their fleeting existence and momentary presence in your home, is somehow not at your leisure.

As a creator and performer, I hang my head in shame for any mistaken or contrived association with this ill mannered child.

SaveMe Oh, a suggestion: A quality act does not descend upon a venue and make unreasonable or unusual demands.

This is Cat’s Circus, not “House of SaveMe Oh”. “HER Venue” (and I emphasize that) is a testament to her creativity, just as much as you perceive that your music/particle/light show is to yours.

FFS, if you don’t believe her place suites your act, buy your own sim, build your own club to your hearts desire, use a Holodeck or a rezzer system to please your wildest dream from moment to moment.

I personally would never come to your sim or your club after this and performances are doubtful. Nor would I change the slightest thing in a venue I owned, for a small, sad, human being such as yourself.

Shame on you!


And Machka P Blaisdale also had an opinion about SaveMe Oh: Visual artist are you?? Rezzing animals and floating porn pics are not my idea of a visual artist. You are just a frustrated bitch with no creativity at all, and if someone does not agree with you, you lash out and even at the people still supporting you call them cunts and telling their venue is a dump. I think you are a very pathetic creature on the grid.

Another rabbit pretending to play guitar had also some kind words:

Stubby Jack:  SaveMe Oh you are a visual terrorist, if someone asks u a question u act like its a personal affront to u, personally i think youre a fucking idiot, but thats just my opinion….. which i know at least some people in here would agree. You are not an artist you are a bitter little shrew who obviously has some mental issue that prevents you from being sociable…

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