Blue Orange Fart Corner

And again a dictatorship tries to beg the dumb crowds inside for multiply facebook tagging reasons.


Me and Eif In Blue Orange in happier times

SaveMe Oh: Can you unban me?

Ini Inaka: And where is ”Hello”? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I don’t think last time they said “Hello we are going to ban you” so I thought I adapt to your way of socialising

Ini Inaka: I like deals SaveMe Oh, I like when people talk to me, I never knew you will do show at my place, even I loved it, it was amazing, but this time these people want show without such cool effects. Please join us with alt if you want. I really like what you do and on some events it is amazing stuff, but first let’s make deal

SaveMe Oh: You make deals with artists? Funny! Did you ask Picasso to paint in aquarelle?

Ini Inaka: actually yes, it is called sharing somehow. Heyyyy calm down for you till Picasso far away

SaveMe Oh: Sharing is the word, I always share generously

Ini Inaka: Ok, listen I will unban you after this event, now accept differences.

SaveMe Oh: Pity you feel the need for power play

Then I went in with an alt and saw the DADADROPPINGS of Eupalinos Ugajin.

Ellen Cordeaux: sighs.

SaveMe OHare: Omg, what is Eupalinos trying to tell us today?????????? Paper, cow, moooh, exiting.

Saveria Rossini: SaveMe, save us please

SaveMe OHare: I love a good discussion about art.  Or are you all here to use dance balls for your pics on facebook?


Ini Inaka: To talk about art is same like look for brains in the bum dear, calm down

SaveMe OHare: Don’t forget to like pics with Ini, she is a little desperate about it

Gitu Aura: Haha sure SAVE, also with me :). We having some relax time, you do not want to have it?

Thea Dreem: Looks forward to SaveMe’s pictures on Facebook later.


Khaz Rotaru ejected you from this land.

Ini Inaka: Ok, now you lost chance for deals, I am sorry, but I will keep going like that, even enjoy it, so try me

SaveMe Oh: I never deal with dictators

Ini Inaka: know me then find out

SaveMe Oh: I start to know you and found out you are one of the most trigger-happy dictators since long

Ini Inaka: I thought you will want make other show with Doob, sadly you just too much in yourself. Sure I am, my ego grows up now and I am kinda drama queen so it works with me

SaveMe Oh: DOOB will find me as he doesn’t belong to your fascist network

Ini Inaka: You know, I will give to you advice. You want accept or want ignore it but that’s honest shit from my side

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need your advice; please improve yourself into a free person. When you continue to be a dictator I have to keep on trying to save you. Everybody deserves that.

Ini Inaka: You have some charm and energy and you have what to say, your brave ideas and etc, and SL as virtual space gives power to you, as to all us, oh we all here are cool. Sooo what I was telling ???? oh, yes, you do good things and provoke people – that’s good and I like it

SaveMe Oh: Ty, next time be brave enough to unban me, people are free to mute me themselves, they don’t need your fascist police force to do so.

Ini Inaka: People asked me to do that and I decided to listen

SaveMe Oh: Never listen to what they ask you, make them responsible for their own deeds

Ini Inaka: Because not all are brave to handle your energy r not strong enough

SaveMe Oh: You are not the social health worker

Ini Inaka: We never know what people feel in RL or how they react and how sensitive they can be and it can ruin all wish to do that later

SaveMe Oh: You mind your own business, not mine

Ini Inaka: You have no idea what kind of worker I am. Same like me. I have no idea who are you.

SaveMe Oh: All weak and vulnerable can mute me as much as they want, they don’t need your Mother Teresa attitude

Ini Inaka: Sooo if someday you will find out that deals are not bad thing and respect also is not such ugly thing – let’s make deal and will be happy to share space with you. By the way I pay bills. Wanna help? No? So shhh

SaveMe Oh: You choose an attitude of superiority to decide what is good for everybody. Stop with that and let art has its way.

Ini Inaka: Sure because I am rude and arrogant and I love it

SaveMe Oh: No, you are afraid and unsure, a coward

Ini Inaka: Just in bed, shy

SaveMe Oh: You don’t dare to let things happen

Ini Inaka: Nope, because I am Ruin- me – oh. I know you don’t believe, but I like you

SaveMe Oh: I believe you, because I should be liked. I can’t see a reason not to like me

Ini Inaka: Sometimes after shitty day in RL job wish to come in SL and talk with you, you feed me as well, give me reason to explode

SaveMe Oh: You are more than welcome to do so. I am SaveMe

Continuing in Group Chat:

Isa Messioptra: Still have a party going?

Khaz Rotaru: you bet!

SaveMe Oh: No, SaveMe Oh was forced to leave and now it’s boring like hell

Eifachfilm Vacirca: And you told me you love that sim

SaveMe Oh: I do but the people who run it are the usual idiots

Ini Inaka: provoke me, I like it as I am rude and arrogant will not give hug to you next time

SaveMe Oh: We must be like Yin and Yang then as I am sweet and thoughtful

Eifachfilm Vacirca: More like Bonnie and Clyde

SaveMe Oh: Ini is the best shooter

Isa Messioptra: Is there a dress code?

Ini Inaka: Time will show, if SaveMe Oh will come back with some projects here.

SaveMe Oh: Stand in line please as all SL wants me

Ini Inaka: Isa, how I could ask for Eupalinos for dress code??? Sure no, come as you are.

SaveMe Oh: For the moment you better improvise with that B-artist Eupalinos Ugajin. Did he rez a cow again? Exiting.

Yoko Imari: Are you an artist ?

SaveMe Oh: No I am an urinoir.

Yoko Imari: Yes I know. You are a big urinoir

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