Happy 2017 Guide To LEA Fascism

SaveMe Oh: Happy 2017, can you unban me in all LEA?


LaPiscean Liberty: Me no. I just work here. Thats a committee thing.

SaveMe Oh: You are one of the 5 main members. You are the committee.

LaPiscean Liberty: I getting ready to retire myself.

SaveMe Oh: So who is the boss of the committee now?

LaPiscean Liberty: Never was a boss, only the committee

SaveMe Oh: So who is going to unban me?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not sure you will be or can be.

SaveMe Oh: Somebody has the strings to pull, who?

LaPiscean Liberty: There is only a form to fill out is all I know.

SaveMe Oh: And after the form is filled in, who is doing the banning or unbanning?

LaPiscean Liberty: The committee votes.

SaveMe Oh: And after the voting who is doing the actual ban or unban?

LaPiscean Liberty: Any one of the committee members.

SaveMe Oh: So you can unban me if you want?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not if I want, only if the committee say so.

SaveMe Oh: And who voted you into the committee btw?

LaPiscean Liberty: Viale Linden. No longer in LL. The existing committee voted me full member.

SaveMe Oh: And who votes new members in now? When you retire, who decides who is the next member?

LaPiscean Liberty: The rest of the committee. The committee decides all.

SaveMe Oh: Did you put your slave Secret Rage there so you could retire and still have the power?

LaPiscean Liberty: I was one vote yes

SaveMe Oh: Who came up with the idea Secret Rage should be in the committee?

LaPiscean Liberty: She was working in LEA as advisor and it became apparent that she would be good as a full board member. Then voted in. Like everybody else.

SaveMe Oh: Do you think in the near future SaveMe Oh will be vote in as a committee member?

LaPiscean Liberty: Perhaps, many things if not all things are possible in a Virtual World.

SaveMe Oh: Then please unban me in secret when you retire and I will save LEA!

LaPiscean Liberty: Sorry SaveMe, I wish, but no can do.

SaveMe Oh: All things are possible in a Virtual World.

LaPiscean Liberty: Right, and it is possible that you will remain banned throughout your tour

SaveMe Oh: Knowing the fascists ruling LEA that is what I expect, unfortunately.

LaPiscean Liberty: Not to worry SaveMe, people still love you, they just don’t want you infringing on their right to expression either

SaveMe Oh: And for that they kill for years my right on expression, right?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it were a global thing I would agree, but it’s only the LEA fortunately.

2 thoughts on “Happy 2017 Guide To LEA Fascism

  1. I wonder if having poor grammar is a requirement to join LEA’s committee because it seems all of them can’t “English” properly.

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