Dress Code SaveMe Oh

Dear friends and enemies,


On 23th february I will celebrate my 10th rezday with a performance called Dress Code SaveMe Oh. All visitors will have to appear as SaveMe Oh. I will send every visitor my shape or mesh together with 3 outfits. You can also get your copy at the celebration grounds (a dressing room is available). Only those who appear as SaveMe will be allowed in, all others I will ban or eject that day.


Being SaveMe means the use of my mesh shape (hide your own with the alpha) or the use of my shape in combination with one of the 3 provided skins. Included are two free SaveMe hairs you can use. You can also use your own hairstyles but they have to be black. The use of mesh hands and feet are allowed as is the use of shoes or simple accessories. But the final judgement will be mine and there will be no discussion about my judgement, so better try to look like me.

On the 23rd february…….NO ENTRANCE for avatars I can’t identify as me!!!!!!!

For the fashionistas there is one escape from the 3 provided skins, and thats when you wear a SaveMe Tutu from the Zola Zsun SaveMe collection:


I have asked several musicians and DJ’s to compose SaveMe soundtracks. If you also want to have a try on this send me your email and I will send you in return SaveMe samples in WAV format that are loopable.

Those soundtracks will be played live or streamed on the 23rd.

Here is already an example composed by Mylene Renoir:


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