The Secondlife Charity Industry – Griefing For Cancer


After the exclusive rights to earn on behalf of ALS were gone to Sniper Siemens (see post under this one), other good secondlife Samaritans thought it would be good to have a big party abusing cancer as teaser for it. Rage Darkstone and Terra Merhyem demand to be tonight the center point of attention and thought cancer would do the trick. And indeed the well dressed avatars appeared in expensive clothing and new mesh avatars, money they didn’t spent on the fight against cancer, to shake their butts in the hope they would be tagged in their facebook pics.

When I tried to add some beauty to the good cause it was not appreciated by Rage Darkstone and Terra Merhyem. Didn’t they bought the exclusive right on cancer tonight? Didn’t they spent money on being the good Samaritans tonight? So it didn’t took them long to bump into me and send shockwaves and bombs to try to eliminate me.

Rage Darkstone: Like the explosions 🙂 Do you like the multicolored mushroom 🙂 Dear all, don’t forget this is a fund raiser for a very important cause — the fight against cancer. Finally something beautiful 🙂

Mona Byte: Rage Darkstone, you are pushing me

Bellavista Eisman: You do me a favor by bombing me. I love the action SaveMe Pufff

Rage Darkstone: Hahaha, griefing the griefer.

SaveMe Oh: You think so? You dont grief me. You only show to the world the ugly things you build. Now everybody knows you can throw bombs, hurray!

Bellavista Eisman: It’s the same as what you offer, a firecracker, do it

SaveMe Oh: Very exiting, those bombs, you learn to do that in hippy class?

Tubal Amiot: Exciting no but funny

Rage Darkstone: I missed something. I thought this was an event for Cancer not for Shave Me Oh

SaveMe Oh: Then why are you disturbing it with you bombs? Or is that chemo therapy?

Rage Darkstone: Its about CANCER, not about the type of light shows you would see in a shitty night club.

SaveMe Oh: Did you buy an exclusive right on cancer, Rage?

Rage Darkstone: If I did I would put it in your brain

SaveMe Oh: And does your ugliness has to raise awareness?

Rage Darkstone: Your head is so far up your ass I can see it come out of your mouth Shave Me

SaveMe Oh: The cancer fund will be very happy with your contributions, such a sympatric guy.

Rage Darkstone: Yes this event was to raise money for Cancer Save Me, you have ruined it.

SaveMe Oh: So why are you griefing it Rage?

Rage Darkstone: Two members of my family died of cancer, you fight fire with fire. Your not even a very good griefer. Keep it up and I will grill your video card.

SaveMe Oh: I am not a griefer and never was, but if you like to be one feel free

Rage Darkstone: You are not a griefer, you are a bad griefer and your art suck

Terra Merhyem: you have the reputation to be a griefer, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Everybody got a clear view tonight what kind of person you are

Rage Darkstone: Yes someone who cares about CANCER. You are so selfish you can’t even see that.

Terra Merhyem: Oh, SaveMe, so far I could see : you are not so much liked in SL

SaveMe Oh: I have the reputation of an artist dear, griefing is throwing bombs like your sweet Rage. But he is free to do so.

Step Portilo: I can solve this problem guys just with click

Rage Darkstone: The exhibits here Save Me are not for you, they are for helping cure CANCER

SaveMe Oh: I won’t forbid somebody acting like a fool. It’s his free choice to be an idiot

Rage Darkstone: Yes so then stop yourself. You demonstrate that with your live

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Another blog on tonights events:

FFL event went from awesome to just another event.

One thought on “The Secondlife Charity Industry – Griefing For Cancer

  1. […] Seriously I had to read through this a couple times. In the past when I read her blog its all about how she visits other exhibits and makes a menace of herself with her griefing because she feels entitled to do as she pleases anywhere she pleases in Second Life. She is the “original artist and the best” is what I have read from her. Every few months I go and read one of her posts and I came across this one today. The Second Life Charity Industry -Griefing for Cancer. […]

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