The Lethal Spanish Art Critics

Red Bikcin: This woman, SaveMe Oh, does not understand anything. I feel sorry for that! It is not about raising money to fight cancer, but about informing about its dangers, potential to fight against this disease and create hope.


Years ago, SaveMe Oh surprised with her creations, and despite her difficult character and her lack of respect for other artists, her contributions to art came to be esteemed. Unfortunately, the sad repetition of her virtual algorithms, her lack of imagination in shaping new ideas and the lack of elements of assembly in the course of her performances, has made that esteem completely gone, and her image as an artist has deteriorated noticeably in recent times. The abuse of aggressive colors, the boring concatenation of similar elements, the absence of spinning between the musical discourses in which it tries to interfere and its visual speeches, causes the public to accept her painful shows with an absolute disinterest in recent times. It is a real shame that what was a promising artistic career has become a sad disappointment. Someone said that it is necessary to renew or to die. The actions of SaveMe Oh have been born lately dead, so we doubt that it is possible that there may be a possible renewal for them. We invite to the one who was a long time ago a promising artist, that is dedicated to other necessities disassociated with the art. She will win, and above all, will win those who, unwittingly, are forced to endure their boring improvisations.

She reminds me of Franco, who forced to see in theaters a newscast with “his vision” of the present. SaveMe Oh does the same. She imposes her “vision” of art in a totalitarian way, despising the will of others. And the worst thing is that, in addition to creating an unbearable lag where it appears, that vision of art, is completely “demodé”,

Amy Rhodes: It’s very sad to see so many people spit in the face of venue and gallery owners by supporting his open disrespect and hatefulness. I refuse to attend an event that I know she will be at. That goes for Morli, DD, and Echo among others.

Ux Hax: Bravo!!

Mona Byte: You express the feelings of many, Red!

SaveMe Oh: Let see how much. Make a list, no….a petition. KILL SaveMe Oh!!!!!

Red Bikcin: No; we don´t want kill SaveMe Oh. We settle with she leave our lives.

Amy Rhodes: I’d settle for her long term commitment to a psychiatric institution rather than death.

So I decide to pay Red Bikcin a visit to see if she already build me a psychiatric institution

Red Bikcin: SaveMe, Sorry for everything. I would like to be your friend

SaveMe Oh: So be my friend You have offered friendship to Red Bikcin

Red Bikcin: But it is dificult for me. You call me an idiot many times

SaveMe Oh: True friends must be allowed to call each other idiots.

Red Bikcin: And when Extropia of Vola And joss was devastated I lose two installations mines

SaveMe Oh: Better back up next time

Red Bikcin: And you said all there is a bullshit

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea what was there. I never looked but for good drama that doesn’t matter.

Red Bikcin: Yes I had two installations in Extropia Yje Golem and Grey Dreams

SaveMe Oh: Never heard of them nor saw them.

Red Bikcin: Everything came to my inventory in little pieces.

SaveMe Oh: So glue them together. Most of the time you have nothing to do here, se repair it and you have a good time.

Red Bikcin: And you are joking about it.

SaveMe Oh: Joking is the most healthy therapy

Red Bikcin: Not that day for me. I like joking also

SaveMe Oh: Don’t be pathetic, you didn’t lose the Mona Lisa. Just some prims.

Red Bikcin: I am a very good friend of Morlita and I know you and her are also friends

SaveMe Oh: Then listen to her. We love working together.

Red Bikcin: But I repeat you make it very difficult

SaveMe Oh: I like to make things difficult, easy things bore me.

Red Bikcin: Yes I know it is your kind of life, but not mine. I like make happy to the people I love. Not call them idiots every day.

SaveMe Oh: If you believe it or not but yesterday I came to contribute, until Rage start grieving. But most of you refuse to see that. It’s ok, its more easy to have me as an enemy. I dont mind. I can handle that.

Red Bikcin: It was not my sim I was only invited there

SaveMe Oh: Me too.

Red Bikcin: Promise me a thing SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I don’t promise things. I trust people.

Red Bikcin: Well as you want

SaveMe Oh: Ok one promise. I will stay who I am, always. So take it or leave it.

Red Bikcin: But I will stay also as I am

SaveMe Oh: Of course. Nobody is forcing you to change.

SaveMe Oh: You can’t!

Red Bikcin: Yes don´t want to change you either. I only ask for respect.

SaveMe Oh: Respect is one of the words I hate most. Respect for what?

Red Bikcin: I can be very cruel when people hurt me, You know

SaveMe Oh: Cruel, you?

Red Bikcin: If you want war you will have war

SaveMe Oh: You didn’t hurt me. You said stupid things but that’s ok

Red Bikcin: You are here asking for friendship. You came peacefully

SaveMe Oh: But you did not hurt me for one second. I am peaceful. I am not a warrior.

Red Bikcin: Because you know I can hurt you also.

SaveMe Oh: No you can’t

Red Bikcin: You are here searching me, that demonstrates it. with a smile in your face.

SaveMe Oh: Has nothing to do with hurting. I am curious with people who say stupid things.

Red Bikcin: Stop making theatre please. You are a bad actress.

SaveMe Oh: Being an good actress is my biggest achievement

Red Bikcin: Nobody is with you, you know? Nobody loves you. That is very sad.

SaveMe Oh: I guess my friendslist is longer than yours.

And a second later Red Bikcin accepted my friends request. Let’s see if our renewed friendship can survive this post.

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