You Are Breaking Legal SL Terms

After Terra Meryhem and Rage Darkstone attacked me at their Cancer exploitation I decide to pay them a visit at the opening of their artsy soft porn exhibition, their other hobby. But again I was not welcome. Red Bikcin start ejecting me, Roxy Gellar thought orbiting was the better cure, Darkness Paine tried the good old mysti-tools cage and then the Diotima ownership came with THE LAWYER! Omg I was trembling and shaking and fear hit me like a deathblow.

Would she think it was offensive I pee on Terra Meryhem??????????


Meli Treves: Que pretendes?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t speak Turkish

Meli Treves: What are you doing? You are spoiling the act.

SaveMe Oh: I am standing here after being trolled by Roxy Gellar

Meli Treves: Stop doing nasty things

SaveMe Oh: Who are you, Franco’s police?

Meli Treves: Red Bikcin has nothing to do with anything. I am one of Diotima’s owners

SaveMe Oh: Who is talking about Red, not me

Meli Treves: And I am a lawyer too!

SaveMe Oh: Wait, I will call my Spanish lawyer too (Sole Jie, where are you, you lazy canary). I have one since I came in SL

Meli Treves: I can fill an abuse report against you

SaveMe Oh: I can do a claim for your abusive behaviour. You are denying me my freedom. So quite a lousy lawyer you are. Are you sure you are not a mafia lawyer?

Meli Treves: You are breaking legal SL terms. Harassing some residents.

SaveMe Oh: Catch Roxy Gellar, she orbited me. You want the files to prove that?

Meli Treves: I don’t know who Roxy Gellar is

SaveMe Oh: One of your guests downstairs who orbited me here

Meli Treves: Act against him, not Red Bikcin

Then the poor lawyer was also orbited by Roxy Gellar

SaveMe Oh: Now she does it to you too. Enough evidence?


Wan Laryukov: You again on the back door !

SaveMe Oh: I am providing those idiots a new hobby as nobody comes for the ugliness of Terra Meryhem and Rage Darkstone.

Wan Laryukov: Ahahaahhah. How can you do that?

SaveMe Oh: By keeping them all busy instead they have to stand there all as stupid zombies.

Wan Laryukov: This work of Rage is not bad. I see worst.

SaveMe Oh: Come on, it would be banned from even the smallest rural community. There they would prefer to hang cowshit on the wall instead of this.

Wan Laryukov: You think ?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. But……everybody needs a hobby. Maybe he hates knitting  or collecting stamps.

Wan Laryukov: I am not so hard criticizing the others.

SaveMe Oh: You asked my opinion.

Wan Laryukov: But I must confess the art panorama in SL is now a shit. Everybody want to be an artist.

SaveMe Oh: Especially among this group of people. They only want to roleplay artist to tag each other on facebook.

Wan Laryukov: One thing I don’t understand why if u hate this people you came?

SaveMe Oh: I only came to have a good piss on Terra as she griefed me lately. And for the drama.

Wan Laryukov: Aahahahahhah

SaveMe Oh: Drama which I consider as the highest level of art. Right now they are hunting me in all the sim. Darkness Paine try to trap me. The landowner is on alert. Another one told me she is a lawyer who will prosecute me. All your friends. And Roxy orbits me all the time

Wan Laryukov: Nice.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, not a boring opening event as usually.

Wan Laryukov: What you know about me or how many friends I have where ?

SaveMe Oh: Nothing, but I love to imagine things.

Wan Laryukov: Dont imagine too much.

SaveMe Oh: I am an artist, I can’t do anything else.

Wan Laryukov: Yes you can do your own art

SaveMe Oh: I do that all day long, don’t worry. This is my art.

Wan Laryukov: Not a very peacefull art

SaveMe Oh: Since when art is peaceful, you hippie? Ask Shakespeare for his peaceful art, or Picasso.

Wan Laryukov: Dont come to teach me about art.

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t speak like a dumbo. I hate when people pretend to be more stupid than they are.

Wan Laryukov: ahahahahah


Tansee: I am finished with my show or my play time.

SaveMe Oh: What a boring event is was, wasn’t it?

Tansee: It’s not a show

SaveMe Oh: With maybe the ugliest art ever on the wall. Poor you.

Tansee: Shhhhhhh, ok well I go now ….I always love you.

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