Alternative View Facts

You know those sweet sim owners or musicians who have in a moment of delusion the idea they also can create themselves an environment that would uplift or upgrade a performance? Sure you do. But dear sim owners and musicians…..don’t bother. Better focus on composing your music or attract visitors to your sim instead of having the idle hope you could be a SaveMe Oh too. You are not! (although wearing her avi might give you that illusion for a moment).

Let the professional (SaveMe Oh) do the job. And if you have the silly fetish that a performance has to take place in a circus tent, be sure SaveMe Oh also has a circus tent. When you want snow, SaveMe Oh has the best fresh snow of all the grid. Jungles, oceans, dada or a good piss on every visitor, just say the word and it has happened before you can blink.

And if you, dear musician, make a space so small hoping SaveMe Oh wouldn’t fit in with her huge attachments then think twice as you might end up realising that the small bullshit you watched all night had a greater outside that only the real losers missed on the “moment supreme.”

Here an overview what you could have seen when you derender Echo Starships closet.




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