La Barbie Boheme

My dear friend Francesco Bonetto from the Italianverse sim is an opera lover and he will do everything possible to bring classical music to the attention of the bunch of Italian dumbo’s he is surrounded with. Francesco’s problem is, he has no idea how to bring opera alive in a virtual world so he comes up with the sad recreation of an existing opera. No artistic vision, no intrigue, no edge. Just some dressed up avatars who “play Barbie” with lousy animations on a shitty stage. The result is that the Italian bimbo’s do nothing else than taking pics of each other so they can tag each other on facebook to prove they were there.

As I admire Francesco in his attempt to bring culture to the bimbo avatars who are only focused on their new mesh bodies and latest skin updates I decided to save him.


I jumped on the stage, played some improvised scenes with him and made sure the audience attention was attracted to the OHne and OHnly SaveMe Oh, proving in 10 minutes what is theatre making all about…….MESMERING DRAMA that triggers an emotional reaction from the audience. I was banned and eject!




3 thoughts on “La Barbie Boheme

  1. One day there will be opera event about SaveMe Oh’s SL antics and they will ban SaveMe Oh from that event…

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