Fake News

Last night, I logged into SL, mistakenly using an option called “Last Location.” Materializing in a music venue, I stay for about 3 minutes. When the annoying “hi” and “hello everybody” and “hi all” started I left. An hour or so later I get this IM from the musician who was playing a live music set.


LaidBack Celt: Why do you even come for half a song and leave? Do you have any idea how arrogant that comes off?

SaveMe Oh: Hey you overrated pseudo artist, you got a severe case of way too much secondlife addiction. I accidentally logged into the last location.. it happens…dont take everything too personally, and you might live a healthier happier life. Cheers!

LaidBack Celt: No… you’re just a cunt, you do it consistently….you are predictable… you arrive… I say many great things about you because you actually ARE an awesome performance artist… but, you really are a fucking cunt. I think it’s time I unfriend you and stop trying to be nice. Fuck you very much

SaveMe Oh: First of all, thx for the kind words. I’m not gonna argue with you as you cearly are having a bad day. But do you have an idea how many musicians are begging me to appear at their shitty concerts because otherwise they won’t have an audience at all?

LaidBack Celt: First of all… you are a cunt, serioulsy, girl… I have always tried to like you because I love your talent… but, you always come off as an arrogant, self-righteous brat. I don’t know how else to say it. But, I wonder… why????

SaveMe Oh: Cool….and you are addicted to creating imaginary drama. Its all good but remember; I am the real dramaqueen here.

LaidBack Celt: You may be surprised to find how many people think you are an arrogant, fucking cunt. I just love your talent. I wish you could be a decent human being. Then I could support you again.

SaveMe Oh: Poor me, I am surrounded by musicians who wing their shows, ass kiss to make tips, and repeat setlists like its branson. if you think I give a shit about opinions of other “musicians” or “artists”who live in secondlife to kill time and fuck, you are sadly mistaken.

3 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. LaidBack Celt: (Saved Thu 25 May 2017 19:08:06) Well, that’s wonderful. I love how a private spat gets put all over the place. Have fun with it. However, I said none of those things to you. I do hope your readers realize this.
    LaidBack Celt: what game are you playing? I don’t even know you
    SaveMe Oh: Everybody knows me, you liar
    LaidBack Celt: lmmfao, whatever you wish, you’re fucking insane and I don’t have time for this. Wish you a good life getting into the fights of others
    SaveMe Oh: But maybe your songs are not worth listening to for more than some seconds.

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