Payback Time

After Roxy Gellar has been exposed as a nasty person she doesn’t hide in a corner to lick her wounds and come back as a better person but she decides it’s time for some defamation. First she aims at Robert69 Little in an attempt to hurt his feelings as good as she can, after it’s Echo Starship who is at once not a good musician anymore. At once Roxy is the expert on good taste and thinks she can decide who makes music and who doesn’t. Who is an artist and who isn’t. Imagine this woman is organising your event.


Roxy Gellar : A few days ago I offered Echo Starship of Skopje, Macedonia a deal.

Learn a song, play it live on his account and I would give him the password to my SL avatar to do with as he pleases. In other words, prove you can play an actual (what everyone recognizes as a) song and I would let him delete my account. He failed.

This week’s challenge is the same. Learn and play live Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, play it live on, facebook live, or YouTube Live and the bet still stands.

SaveMe Oh: Since when making music is about being able to produce a song, what a narrow-minded definition of performing, Roxy Gellar. I hope you won’t challenge me to wear a 3 store building live. The reward to be you, after winning the bet, is like having to drink a glass of your pee instead of a bottle of champagne.

Roxy Gellar: There is a different between random noises and music.

SaveMe Oh: What counts in art is what touches you, what a performer can achieve. It is totally irrelevant how its done or with what skills. I know guitar players who can produces 10 notes per second which would put you asleep on the spot. Especially in a virtual world were you can’t see the performer live I don’t mind for a second if somebody pushes the play button of a pre-recorded tape as long the music is touching me. When I want to see a RL artist I can buy a ticket and go to a concert. In virtual worlds its a non-issue

Roxy Gellar: Touches you with piss I suppose. You seem to have a fixation on that.

SaveMe Oh: I have a fixation with art. Piss can be a part of that.

41 thoughts on “Payback Time

  1. Roxy hurt me?! roflmfao…. 🙂 I think SaveMe Oh’s piss did something to Roxy’s brain cells… what few she had left anyways. 😉

  2. I don’t know much about Robert69 but I know Echo plays electornica. If you want someone who plays something conventional surely you should hire someone who does that. Simple concept.

    • Nah from today I learn to play Lynyrd Skynyrd, or else she will post my vacation photos on her page… I have some more embarrassing ones.

      • It was your choice to post that old man topping you. You’re into anal, who knew? You can’t play music, Martin. Sad but true.

  3. If you want to hear the audio file that is attributed to Ron Bizzle making homicidal threats you’ll have to go elsewhere. SaveMe is censoring this thread.

  4. lmao.. geeze roxy after a bad breakup people move on and do other things, yet you try to defame me as an anti-musician :(((

    • Dude you should never use the word musician in any way when referring to yourself. You make noise. That’s it. Any monkey with a noise box could do it. I was just killing time for three years in allowing you to play my venues, Echo. Now I’m killing time in a different way. Just a blurb every now and then. It doesn’t take much effort to tell the truth.

  5. Forwarded to Twitter with the advisory Roxy Gellar remains the Once and Future Hellbot of #secondlife | Poser bitch isn’t worth the dregs from a bedpan; she remains the quondam musician; she’s the CNN Candid Camera who doesn’t even get her own thickwitted joke.

  6. You shouldn’t have the right to change the words of a comment. Delete? Sure. But you’re censoring the content just speaks of your issues, sad really.

    • As my blog is part of my conceptual artwork called SaveMe Oh I do whatever pleases me to make the work better. I am very pleased with the contribution of morons like you as it is highly valuable drama content, but….it always needs the hand of a true artist, me, to turn it into art as you have the bad habit of endless repetition of yourself. So you should be pleased I take the time to upgrade your dumb shit to real poetry.

      • You victimize people in order to feed your sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders. You take healthy, productive, or just plain fun, and turn it into a pile of shit. You laugh at the chaos you cause and the damage you do. You’re a very sick girl.

  7. Still waiting for the “payback.” Was this it? Can’t wait! How disappointing if this is the best you’ve got.

    • If I leave here tomorrow
      Would you still remember me?
      For I must be traveling on, now
      ‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see
      But, if I stayed here with you, girl
      Things just couldn’t be the same
      ‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now
      And this bird you can not change
      And this bird you can not change
      And this bird you can not change
      Lord knows, I can’t change

      Bye, bye, baby it’s been a sweet love
      Though this feeling I can’t change
      But please don’t take it so badly
      ‘Cause Lord knows I’m to blame
      But, if I stayed here with you girl
      Things just couldn’t be the same
      ‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now
      And this bird you can not change
      And the bird you can not change
      And this bird you can not change
      Lord knows, I can’t change
      Lord help me, I can’t change

      Lord I can’t change
      Won’t you fly, free bird, yeah

    • I heard she is practicing the whistle part from “Always look at the bright side of life” from Monty Python.

      • This isn’t about me, gh. This is about the fact that Echo Starship can’t play his instruments. He’s not a musician.

    • Said the sad old lady who spends hours a day, years on end, in virtual reality because she has nothing else. And a transphobe to top it off. The woman who made DD and Echo “prove” themselves at my venue before she would book them AND then fired them for playing a rare event on my stage. You, like SaveMe Oh can have them. I’m done.

  8. I can have them ?? are we on a slave auction ? lol Roxy in her job is trained to ignore facts and thats what she does .-) one fact is that Echo played at my place years before Roxy was in sl lol and that he run his venue very sucessful with amazing musicians and guests that where there for music and not for gossip

    • Oh now that is what I expected. You claimed earlier that you couldn’t read my comments. Now suddenly you can. Years, yes years, year after year you sit at your computer. Please try to talk to someone about your addiction. Second Life is a video game, it’s not meant to be a substitute for life. You are a very sad old woman. It doesn’t have to end this way for you.

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