Because She Is An Idiot?

Always banned Betty

SaveMe Oh: You know Betty banned me from Danish Vision?

Nur Moo: Yes SaveMe, I know. I didn’t know before

SaveMe Oh: What are you going to do about it?

Nur Moo: I discover after. I can ask her to unban you, but me and Betty we are not friends so I think she will not make it. What can i do? I was talking now with a friend about it

SaveMe Oh: You can also refuse to attend the opening if she doesnt unban me. I would do that for you in the same situation.

SaveMe Oh: I would not accept a friend being banned

Nur Moo: Why she banned you here?

SaveMe Oh: Because she is an idiot?

Nur Moo: lol, I mean I never had any problem with you.

SaveMe Oh: Only fake artists have a problem with me

Nur Moo: She ban you because she don’t like what you do usually? I will ask it but the place is hers.

SaveMe Oh: Maybe, but like everybody she can mute or derender me if she don’t want to see me

Nur Moo: I can’t decide nothing here.

SaveMe Oh: Dont ask, demand!

Nur Moo: Ok, I will but if she says no, please don’t unfriend me. Please trust me when I say I didn’t know about this ban.

SaveMe Oh: I will unfriend nobody but I demand solidarity.

Nur Moo: Yes ok, I always defend you because I really trust what you do

SaveMe Oh: I know you didnt know, but its unacceptable

Nur Moo: Yes i know. In places I own you are always welcome

SaveMe Oh: Artists should always defend eachother, people who use banning methods are not artists but dictators

Nur Moo: Yes I agree

SaveMe Oh: Ownership is no reason for anything

Nur Moo: I never used the word art in this event

SaveMe Oh: People who own are not better than people who dont own.

Nur Moo: I say because if I own a place I can decide and you was always welcome

SaveMe Oh: You are welcome were I am, I want to be welcome where you are, very simple.

Nur Moo: Ok I will try it.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t try, do!

Nur Moo: I don’t know Betty very well

SaveMe Oh: Then it doesn’t matter to be tough

Nur Moo: Yes ok but I can’t say to do something she wont. I can ask

SaveMe Oh: When she wont unban me you refuse to come

Nur Moo: SaveMe I don’t want a SL big drama, I can insist

SaveMe Oh: Drama=great art!

Nur Moo: Very much ahahah is true

SaveMe Oh: The best. Better than prims glued together.

Nur Moo: Yes, is very true. Art is only that. Destroy the fake common ideas is the essence of art. I know it

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I say to stand firm. In your photos you also don’t compromise so don’t do it now either

Nur Moo: Really I will try, but please I can’t fight hard because is not a way I am so used

SaveMe Oh: Worst thing that can happen is that you don’t attend the opening….big deal

Nur Moo: The opening really i don’t care. I care just for people with me. They don’t choose this. Anyway I will try

SaveMe Oh: When they are friends they will understand you don’t accept another friend being banned.

Nur Moo: Yes I know, is true, but here is her home

SaveMe Oh: I wouldn’t build expo’s in the home of a dictator.

Nur Moo: If I knew it I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: You know now

Nur Moo: This is not art, I did for fun

SaveMe Oh: Fun can only be when every friend is welcome

Nur Moo: Yes yesterday I asked about you and she said you was banned here.

4 thoughts on “Because She Is An Idiot?

    • Yes, loyal friends you can count on the fingers of one hand. Even your best friends are too eager to be tagged on Facebook with their doll they bought on Marketplace than show some backbone.

      • I spent 10 years believing a lot of people were really my friends….those green name tags (when on someones friends list)….for the most part was just another method for them to notify me when they had a show… and had nothing to do with actual friendships. It got to a point to were I could not distinguish my haters. I started taking videos offline several weeks ago of all the venues that have harassed me by placing me on a banned list….I have also taken offline all videos of anyone that performs a show behind those ban line…and I removed them from my so called friends list too. It’s been a very troubling experience….to actually witness the magnitude of people that have turned against me.
        (1382 videos been taken offline due to venues ban harassment and non-friendships)

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