Mit Ein Wenig Hilfe Von Meinen Freunden

For the second time some German friends licked their way into LEA and just like the last time when they licked themselves in for a free sim they put their hippy morals about freedom and a world for all aside and obey the dictatorial LEA regime by agreeing on the ban rules, meaning SaveMe Oh is not welcome while they celebrate their exclusive gift for their obedience and submission to the LEA dictatorship, shaking their new mesh bodies for the benefit of corrupt multinationals.


Yadleen: sorry – I don’t have tipjar today – you may tip ME – if you like ::

Glasz DeCuir: So discrete, we havent percived SaveMe was here!

Mylene Renoir: I smelled her

SaveMe Orfan: Sorry I am banned, all my money goes to the lawyers

Jo Williams: hahaha

Mylene Renoir: Fish

Nero Supermarine: LOL

Jo Williams: lol subtle oh. . . 😉

SaveMe Orfan: Surrounded by idiots subtlety doesn’t work

Jo Williams: i know it lol

Cat Boucher: If you don’t want the SaveMe poster just derender SaveMe and they are gone. She is not very creative today.

SaveMe Orfan: Germans always like to collaborate with dictatorial regimes so you can’t be too subtle. They don’t mind if friends are banned or not

Cat Boucher: I do not collaborate with a regime but with art in another country

SaveMe Orfan: They have no problems with staging parties while others are excluded.

They are quite happy to dance while others cant contribute. The world can fall apart and they still dance.

Second Life: cat Boucher ejected and banned you from this land.

3 thoughts on “Mit Ein Wenig Hilfe Von Meinen Freunden

  1. They have no problems with staging parties while others are excluded?! Of course….I have a list of venues a mile long that operate like that. 😦
    The Mason Jar, The Merry Prankster’s, The Blues Cove, Music Soulmates, Surfside Hideaway, Nowhere Blues, Saddles Canyon, Southern Nights, Cafe Musique, Branagh’s Jazz, Nat’s Jazz Club, Snug Harbor, Brazen Head, Wharf Rat Blues, White Horse Tavern, Mango, After Dark, The Boom Pony, Live Vibrations, WOW, The Rose Theatre, The Dirty Grind, Dragon Moon, Jagged Edge, End Of Time. I believe that they need another Showtime Magazine Awards and vote on who is the best at blackballing people from the Second Life music community.

    • Flashback to one of thirty eight videos I made of Beth Odets shows: Beth Odets – Fish Fry Bingo at The Ark (with Robert69 Little) (1543 videos taken offline due to venues ban harassment) I never though anyone could actually come between me and all the people I captured by placing my name on a ban list….ruining my video career….I’ve learned the hard way who my real friends are too.

    • Someday…..and it will happen…God will show all of them how it feels to have something taken away that they truly loved, then they might understand my anger/pain…so they can all go right ahead….suck up to those who’ve mistreated me… ruined my video career and disgraced my virtual world name.

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