Who Own Me?

Does Linden Lab own me or does Cherry Manga own me. In 2007 I was thinking I was creating myself and after this marvellous achievement “my” image was copied and used a 1000 times as one of the most iconic trademarks of Secondlife. Other avatars desperately try to copy my success and when they obviously failed I tried to save them by sharing a piece of the cake with them. I allowed them to make machinima’s about me or advertise their so called event with my image.

When poor Cherry Manga got into a huge identity crisis and fled to Open Sim to become a belly button investigator I decide to help her out and let her make a mesh doll after my famous image. The result of that collaboration is to see in many of my artworks, for example in my last rezday performance ALL OF ME were I animated 100 of clones of myself.

This week I glued a doll on a piece of meat I stole from the internet and called the piece SaveMeat Oh and put it for sale on marketplace.

Not a day later Cherry Manga called me:

Cherry Manga: If the doll is mine than please don’t sell it.

SaveMe Oh: A SaveMe Oh doll is never yours, I created it. BTW do you have the file of the doll?

Cherry Manga: I’m not kidding.

SaveMe Oh: Me neither, I created SaveMe Oh in 2007, it was very nice you helped me out with the mesh doll in 2017, btw, some hair would have been nice.

Cherry Manga: Ok make money with full perm freebies I gave. With no sell condition. Bravo. You’re such a good and trustable person.

SaveMe Oh: The SaveMe Oh doll was not a freebie, you gave it to me. Although I gave it away to all visitors of my rezday performance 2 years ago.

Now I used it for a new artwork, you think Marcel Duchamp paid the creator of the urinoir?

When I send my doll to a 3D printer, who do I have to pay? Linden Lab, the owner of the printer, Cherry Manga for making a mesh copy or myself being the celebrated artist? And what with all the clones who pretend to be me?

Anyway, poor Cherry can use some Linden for some sherry so she will receive 25% on every sale. Make her rich! Just how I saved my sister Bryn Oh once by selling my paintings to give her some money to breed rabbits.


My father Cupido Oh is also selling my shit, if you insist.


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