The Black AR Queen

Aruba DeCuir: What the fuck do you do here? I am surprised you are alive!

SaveMe Oh: You send me an invitation but it turned out you are still the dictator as you ever were, as the banlines are still your hobby.

Aruba DeCuir: Don’t get near me – I did not send you any invitation and I will now make one more AR on you for harassment!

SaveMe Oh: You send invitations in a group that I belong so don’t use groups to sell your cheap stuff

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave the group?

SaveMe Oh: No, as the most famous artist of SL my fans love to be informed.

Aruba DeCuir: My art is not cheap – but fair priced

SaveMe Oh: Price I don’t care, the design is cheap. It’s not artbut hobbyist sadness

Aruba DeCuir: Lol you are an hopeless idiot. Oh and how can you say so?

SaveMe Oh: I am the most famous artist of SL but you may always say you know me.

Aruba DeCuir: Who never made a piece of art

SaveMe Oh: Shall I show you?

Aruba DeCuir: So now you own the group SL art?

SaveMe Oh: No, but when you send invites allow me to accept them.

Aruba DeCuir: Why do you harass me? Are you bored?

SaveMe Oh: You invite people, I come

Aruba DeCuir: You hate me because I am black. You are NOT invited! you are not welcome here – you try anyway that is harassment!

SaveMe Oh: No, I have 2 black alts myself

Aruba DeCuir: Alts?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, maybe you already had an affair with them.

Aruba DeCuir: Is it all a play to you? Are you crazy?

SaveMe Oh: Drama is the best art and I hope I am crazy, otherwise you cant be the best artist in SL.

Aruba DeCuir: Then leave me alone

SaveMe Oh: Then dont invite me

Aruba DeCuir: That would be wise – I find theater old fashioned and lame and theatre is what you do.

SaveMe Oh: I work in the theatre, you are always welcome

Aruba DeCuir: Ok LL has now got yet another AR on you, zufrieden?

SaveMe Oh: I guess they will give me flowers for being so nice to you

Aruba DeCuir: They should kick you out

SaveMe Oh: Are you talking German now?

Aruba DeCuir: I am sorry but I do not speak your Dutch but I am sure you get the meaning?

SaveMe Oh: I understand German but don’t know why you start using German?

SaveMe Oh: Should I talk Turkish?

Aruba DeCuir: I just told you, imbecile!

SaveMe Oh: Thats french

Aruba DeCuir: Now that is French and now get out of my way!

SaveMe Oh: I thought you want to see my art

Aruba DeCuir: That is not possible as you do not make art

Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Aruba DeCuir

Aruba DeCuir: You wish

SaveMe Oh: I thought you would like real art

Aruba DeCuir: cretin!

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