Holistic Vomiting

Asmita Duranjaya / Satori Butar pukes on SaveMe Oh and Ampel, here her facebook rant:

My whole sim interstellART is a virtual 3D canvas – the sim IS the artwork in itself! In the same way I understood the LEA sims, sims, which challenge the artist to use them as a 3D canvas, an option for turning them into an artwork as a whole. If you visit interstellART you have to keep that in mind. The sim is a conceptually shaped holistic and interleaving exhibition place and has several layers with different purposes. Visitors will get a notecard with an overview and all available landmarks at the landing point. People, who are not able or willing to deal with the complexity of this virtual concept and cannot recognise the strict organisation of the place, should better visit places with ONE copy of a traditional RL art gallery. But it shows more about their mental status or their status of knowledge about virtual worlds than about the quality of the art concept of interstellART and the artist Asmita Duranjaya. Where does the virtual art scene drift to? Is it copies of the way we perceive art in RL? Galleries with pictures hanging on a wall and maybe from time to time a sculpture in between? Is it mass events, where art installations are shown, which nobody can enjoy, because there is too much lag all over the place? Why not to appreciate new concepts, which try to integrate the specific tools of virtual worlds and use them expressively? Where are the visitors, who can distinguish the value of those efforts? Is Second Life still able to do that? I have my doubts, because otherwise it would not have given up the LEA concept without any replacement. So the Apmels and SaveMes will get what they try to achieve all the time: forcing creative people to leave SL and to change to open sim and alternative virtual worlds..

As the only creative person in Secondlife I wish I could force other creative people to leave SL. But please help me find them first, I never met one!.

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