Declaration Regarding The Defeat Of LEA And The Assumption Of Supreme Authority By SaveMe Oh

After a fierce battle of 9 years SaveMe Oh successfully closed down the corrupt elite “art” dictatorship of LEA (Licking Every A$$). The dictatorship used every possibility to ban, obstruct or silence SaveMe Oh in her fight for freedom but she was just too strong and now the committee admit their total defeat and agreed to surrender.

At the Two Fish headquarters they signed their Declaration Regarding the Defeat of LEA and the Assumption of Supreme Authority by SaveMe Oh.

The corrupt LEA Committee has been completely defeated and have surrendered unconditionally and LEA, which bears responsibility for 9 years of terror, oppression and exclusion is no longer capable of resisting the will of the victorious power of SaveMe Oh. The unconditional surrender of LEA has thereby been effected, and LEA will be wiped off of the face of the virtual world.

There is no central committee or authority in LEA capable of accepting responsibility for the maintenance of art with the requirements of the victorious power SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh makes the the following Declaration:

The LEA program will be closed at the end of August 2019 when she will shut down all the regions forever.

The principal LEA leaders as specified by SaveMe Oh, and all persons from time to time named or designated by rank, office or employment by SaveMe Oh as being suspected of having committed, ordered or abetted art crimes or analogous offences, will be apprehended and surrendered to SaveMe Oh.

PatriciaAnne Daviau, JMB Balogh, LaPiscean Liberty, Jayjay Zifanwe, Solo Mornington, Secret Rage, The Dove Rhode and Corcosman Voom.

They are accused of the following:

  • Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against art.
  • Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace
  • Art crimes
  • Crimes against humanity


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10 thoughts on “Declaration Regarding The Defeat Of LEA And The Assumption Of Supreme Authority By SaveMe Oh

  1. Missed SaveMe…she’s right, the LEA has been a disaster. However, it’s demise has nothing to do with her. It’s just a lack of exceptional new artists. Regards to all that have worked so hard to promote the arts in SL.


    • I think there are exceptional artists out there… most just do not know about LEA and then some have not had the opportunity to demonstrate their work.

    • “Lack of exceptional new artists” … hah! With the exception of a handful of actual artists, LEA never really had any to begin with, just folks that used the gifted sims as a sandbox for whatever nonsense was hiding in their inventories. Meanwhile people with actual stories and talent to express were turned away after applying in exchange for their old decrepit clique members.

  2. “It’s just a lack of exceptional new artists.” ?!!! Are you kidding me? Do you not shop in SL? There are amazing new mesh artists contributing more and more to SL all the time. The problem is LL’s lack of interest in maintaining SL in a state of excellence and promoting such incredible opportunities to show the potential of SL such as the LEA sims. I’ve talked to several amazing sim designers who had never heard of LEA before I mentioned it to them. The failure of Sansar is LL’s Karma come ’round bite them in the ass. SL is LL’s cash cow yet they treat it like a red-headed stepchild. I don’t get it.

  3. LEA committee did not find other artist at all. They were not out there to promote LEA while there IS many new ARTISTS out there. What was this committee doing?! Its was the same fractal nonsense we know of since the start of SL. Also the same small hand of artists who got the regions. You all know what I mean.

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