She Was Really The One That Had The Beehive Idea

Tansee: I did NOT do it!

Hannington Xeltentat: Wot??

SaveMe Oh: I did it, duh

Tansee: Do you know each other?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, very well

Tansee: From Past or is it a new meeting?

SaveMe Oh: Once we were lovers

Hannington Xeltentat: Never met until a few minutes ago. We’ev been having a lovely chat

Tansee: 🙂 I only listen to Hann

Hannington Xeltentat: Your piece reflects well on the enterprise, I feel

SaveMe Oh: You may call him Hann already?

Hannington Xeltentat: Everyone calls me Hann

Tansee: Absolutley!

Hannington Xeltentat: Xeltentat is too difficult to type

Tansee: Hahaha yes,,,and I am a lazy typer. SM works for me

SaveMe Oh: Thats why you need me and I only need one word and call me SaveMe, not SM

Hannington Xeltentat: SO. SM can have other connotations, So I’m told

Tansee: She was really the one that had the beehive idea

Hannington Xeltentat: Aha! Nice idea

SaveMe Oh: And I am happy you liked my idea

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